Qualities of a Good Leader

Qualities of a Good Leader
King Jhan Lascano

A good listener
A good speaker
Loves change



Rommel Mendoza

Gusto kong maging leader ang isang taong may matibay na paninindigan.Gusto ko din na ang lider na ito ay may malinay na plano tungkol sa seguridad at kaunlaran ng bansa.Dapat willing din siya na gumamit ng military actions kung kinakailangan.

my ideal leader::::

my ideal leader::::

Raymund Babaran


responsive enough to do his work and have the right result in all of his duties……


ready enough to do all actions in a honest way……….


face all the changes…….


he/she needs to be focused in order to do his duty in order to make a good and right decisions…..nothing can be done if he/she is not FOCUSED!!!!!!




      What it takes to lead?

      Good leaders are necessary to achieve certain goals and aspirations. In the history of mankind, many leaders show how to lead and what it takes to lead. But, to lead is not about being leader; much is about your ability to follow. A good leader is a good follower. A follower of its constituents, a follower of their aspirations and goals, a follower that leads and makes a difference. Responsibility, accountability, honesty, intelligence, credibility, and a lot more to be listed; those are the characteristics that measure a good leader.

      But for me, those are essential characteristics of a good leader, you cannot be termed as good, if you do not have any of the characteristics I’ve mentioned. Leadership is an act of influencing other to strive in fulfilling something. What we need is a heart that thinks and a mind that feels.

      A heart that sees what is ought to do and not what is to be do, a heart that inspires other to move, and a heart that sees through the eyes of his followers. Sometimes, leaders failed to see the very essence of their existence as a leader, they are called leader to lead, not to make people feel uncomfortable in achieving a goal. A good leader need not to be too intellectual to lead, what he need is a heart that thinks, combining wisdom and passion in leading. He need not to be responsible if he has faith to his subordinates. He need not to be too honest because he thinks using his heart, he decide listening to the people’s wants. What makes him is not the leadership he has but the leadership the people gives to him. To see using the eyes of his followers, to hear using the ear of them, and to act using the hands of everyone he led.

      In every given situation, a leader always need to make a decision, using his heart as a thinking tool and his mind to feel is essential. The mind commit mistakes because he thinks too much while the heart commit errors because it is overpower by emotions. Thus, a good leader must practice the use of heart and mind in every decision he will make.

      The mind that feels is a tool for achieving greater level of success, a leader must feel what the people thinks and eventually weigh what is right and what is wrong. If the leader will just think what other people are thinking, it may turn that he will rejecting the proposal because he believed that he is more intellectual than his followers. What he need to do is to know what the people feels, and what makes him thinks that way. In that process, communication is achieved. Giving and taking, and the leader are in the taking end. To understand what other feels is to know what they want, to use your mind in listening to those feelings is a great help in leading. A good leader must always feels through the mind.

      The combination of the two will leads to a genuine leadership. A leadership based on the people and for the people . A heart that thinks that makes leadership a leadership of the people. That anything the leader does is from the people and to the people. A mind that feels makes a leaders a good decision maker, weighing and measuring all using wisdom and emotions.

      To lead is to think using your heart and to feel using your mind.

My Ideal Leader

My Ideal Leader
By: Jessica E. Dimaya

My ideal leader is someone who is an altruist.. meaning, someone who thinks first the welfare of others before him/herself. A leader who is willing to serve the people and not to serve himself. I want a leader whose main objectives are for the benefits of the people.

Aside from being an altruist, my ideal leader is someone who is a good-decision maker. A leader who knows how to operate under difficult situations and a leader who is intelligent enough to formulate effective solutions to problems.

I want a leader who is always sincere and humble. Someone who shows respect and concern to everyone. A leader who consider himself just equal to everyone.

I want a leader whose no.1 priority are the people.

Ideal Leader…

Ideal Leader…

Bridgette Servino

Should be Wise…
A leader should be wise in making decision for his subordinates. He should always think his subjects before anything else. He should always take considerations in every decisions that his people will get benefited.

Should have Courage…
A leader must know what battle to fight. He must know when to attack and when to surrender. For the sake of his subjects, he must consider them in all his fights. He should also have courage to admit his mistakes and brave enough to face consequences.

Should be Responsible…
A leader must provide the needs of his subjects in order to render respect from them. He must always look at his’ subjects need before his own interest. He must do his duties with or without eyes around him to protect and serve his subjects.

Should have Charm…
A leader must be loved by his subjects for them to follow him. A leader should have charisma to influence his people and respect him in return. It would be easy for a leader to command his subjects if he has this extra factor that will make his people follow him.

Should be God-Fearing…
a leader must have fear in God for he will be more careful in his actions that might against the will of God. For he will love his subordinates as he love God. A leader must be God-fearing to help him avoid temptations that will harm his people.

Ideal Leader ko

 Ideal Leader ko

Arvie Arce

               Dalawang katangian lang ang gusto ko sa aisang magaling na leader, yun ay ang pagiging wise and just. Kapag wise ang isang leader mas nakapag -iisip siya ng mga desisyon na pinakatamang gawin sa isang sitwasyon. Ang isang leader naman na just ay yung tumitingin sa lahat ng angulo sa isang pangyayari at magbibigay ng desisyon ayon sa dapat.

               Ang idael leader pare sa akin ay si King Solomon,  someon who is wise and just. Wala pa akong nakikilala sa panahon ngayon na closer sa mga katangian niya, kung meron man, di ko pa siya kilala.

My Ideal Leader

 Kristine Joie L. Salazar

My Ideal Leader

Leaders must possess versatility.

Leaders must know how to follow.

Leaders must know how to understand people.

Leaders must know how to complement with different ideas.

Leaders must know how to humble him.

Leaders must know how to accept other’s opinion.

Leaders must be responsible.

Leaders must be God fearing.

Leaders must know how to listen.

Leaders must know how to compensate with others.

Leaders should be an example.



 Lucky Guy La Torre

Atlast, after so many days that i was thinking when to do all of this staff, I’ve got the chance to complete all of my articles…(heheheh)

Moving on…this article is a part of one of our topic in s’jan’s class(malamang)well this is all about what does a leader must possess or what is a leader for me. When we are discussing this matter in our class I already thought that he will give this as a part of our assignment that as usual we will post in our blog and I already got an idea what to wrote.

Getting started… a leader for me kase (nagtagalog na…dinudugo na kasi ko eh.well freedom of expression naman tayo dba?)ok…

a leader for me is somebody who can lead his/her constituents properly.,one who can handle whatever obstacles that will cross their way without panicking…one who knows when to be humble and when to be proud. A leader who is responsible in his/her own way. A leader who knows when to decide in behalf of his/her group. A leader who has this very crucial thing known as “word of honor”  or ”palabra de honor”.A leader that is neither selfish nor selfless. A leader that can stand in his/her own feet. A leader that will never ever leave the entire group no matter what,come what may!

Simply…a leader for me is someone who is a person that has this sense of eagerness..an eagerness of learning from his/her own mistakes.who knows how to stand up whenever he/she fall.a leader that is either made or born. It depends upon the person…

A leader that spelled as F-O-L-L-O-W-E-R…




A good leader is?

Sheilla Ramos

 A good leader is?

For me, you cannot be a leader, and also ask other people to follow you, unless, you know how to follow too. That’s why a leader is not exempted on the rules and things ha or she’s saying and implementing whereas, he/she’s the one who must do first what he/she said because a leader must be a good model, an example to others.

 A leader must be responsible enough in doing his/her task and he/she must be dedicated on the task at hand so his/her subordinates would see his/her sincersity, willingness and service.

A leader always considers the benifit of his followers.

A leader must be honest and transparent.

Finally, a leader must not abuse power.

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