“Death Penalty: needs to be televised”

March 10, 2007 : Saturday

“Death Penalty: needs to be televised”

Karla Elaine Katigbak

Death penalty is the punishment to a person who has done heinous crime. This can be shown in different ways like putting a person in the electric chair until the person will be dead. The other way is to hang the person and the other is the lethal injection. The lethal injection is the only punishment that is practiced in our country but the electric chair and hanging of the person is being practiced in other country like Singapore and Saudi Arabia. In other countries, punishment are shown into the public just to show that it is fair and will take as a less onto the people who are planning to commit crime. But the question is that is it proper, humane and cannot have any bad effect to the public.

          Many said that it scares and traumatize the viewers if it is going to be shown to the people but others said that it can serve as a lesson. Some said that all people must have a chance to change but some might said that they already knew the consequences of their actions and they must be responsible for that. In the question if it is humane? Then that question must also be answer by the criminals before they have done the crime that they have already committed. This simply means that “do not do unto others what you don’t like others do unto you”.

          For me, I am willing to televised the punishment because it can lessen crimes and can give justice to the victims and I believe that every people have their right to know so that they will be aware.



  1. king jhan lascano Said:

    first of all i do believe that death penalty is not the solution in preventing heinous crimes and extra-judicial killings, in many countries that impose death penalty, it is proven that their crime rate are not declining besides our law is not made to punish, it is the mechanism to render obience to the people. what is the use of televising death penalty? who deserves to die? for me it is illogical to televised death penalty.

  2. miyang Said:

    i agree with the first comment….and if were living in a christian country, death penalty should not be imposed because we have the right to live and only God can take away the gift of life……He is the master of our life and not our politicians or any human being can judge a person by his sin…..besides according to the bible whatever you do to your brother, you also done it to Him….first we should have a strong values system that begins in ourselves…. we give chance to those who sinned and forgive so that we ourselves will also be forgiven

    • Rusty Said:

      This is God’s message and he says it is an “eye for an eye” The Old Testament also says that you are to be put to death for many different acts of sin. So before you start saying things then you should get your facts straight.

  3. Irene santos Said:

    first issue to be solved does televising death penalty serve as a deterrent for crimes? second will be is our judicial system that stable and absolute in rendering this kind of punishment?

  4. Megan Said:

    It should be televised because it can be a “this can be you if you rape a 4 year old baby girl and strangle her to death” as an example. people wouldn’t be as inclined to do crimes. It’s a punishment for the most serious crimes, the ultimate punishment for the worst kind of people. people aren’t killed two weeks after they are sentenced. they can appeal against the court just like another person who is in jail for a lesser crime. Another thing the second person who commented: we are not a christian country. we have the freedom to practice any religion we want. and yes, we do have the right to live but so do the people who were murdered. doesn’t that count for something? it should. that person who was sentenced to death should feel go through what they did to a person to get the death penalty. but they are asleep before they die so they don’t feel anything when it comes to lethal injection. and again to the second person, if that person has sinned doesn’t that mean they have turned from God? and since they killed or raped someone doesn’t that mean they do the same to Him? So shouldn’t that person be punished for turning themselves against their God? yes, that person can repent but that doesn’t change the fact that it DID happen. people need to see that sometimes a life for a life is what is needed to get a person’s attention on the subject. i agree with televised executions.

  5. Kecia Brown Said:

    i strictly do not agree with death penalty that makes no sense the crime is already been committed and you must sin urself to killed that criminal kmt stupid

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