Ideal Leader…

Ideal Leader…

Bridgette Servino

Should be Wise…
A leader should be wise in making decision for his subordinates. He should always think his subjects before anything else. He should always take considerations in every decisions that his people will get benefited.

Should have Courage…
A leader must know what battle to fight. He must know when to attack and when to surrender. For the sake of his subjects, he must consider them in all his fights. He should also have courage to admit his mistakes and brave enough to face consequences.

Should be Responsible…
A leader must provide the needs of his subjects in order to render respect from them. He must always look at his’ subjects need before his own interest. He must do his duties with or without eyes around him to protect and serve his subjects.

Should have Charm…
A leader must be loved by his subjects for them to follow him. A leader should have charisma to influence his people and respect him in return. It would be easy for a leader to command his subjects if he has this extra factor that will make his people follow him.

Should be God-Fearing…
a leader must have fear in God for he will be more careful in his actions that might against the will of God. For he will love his subordinates as he love God. A leader must be God-fearing to help him avoid temptations that will harm his people.



  1. Nathan Jonah Yildum Said:

    good article, keep on the good work of enhancing future leaders. please take time to compose your english when writting.
    wish you all the best.

  2. “A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.”

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