My Ideal Leader

My Ideal Leader
By: Jessica E. Dimaya

My ideal leader is someone who is an altruist.. meaning, someone who thinks first the welfare of others before him/herself. A leader who is willing to serve the people and not to serve himself. I want a leader whose main objectives are for the benefits of the people.

Aside from being an altruist, my ideal leader is someone who is a good-decision maker. A leader who knows how to operate under difficult situations and a leader who is intelligent enough to formulate effective solutions to problems.

I want a leader who is always sincere and humble. Someone who shows respect and concern to everyone. A leader who consider himself just equal to everyone.

I want a leader whose no.1 priority are the people.



  1. Nathan Jonah Yildum Said:

    Hello Jessica,
    I am very impressed on your article even though short but very inspirational. I wish to get more articles on leadership if you can send them to my mail. Keep on the work of inspiring future leaders to go the right direction.
    I am a Nigerian and I hope to reform the political scene of AFRICA for good.

  2. nardo Said:

    SERVE the PEOPLE!!!

  3. Hey this is Jamee,it’s a nice point which you sh0ws and expose to the pe0ple, and t0 the w0rld,and I als0 agree with your this concepts,kEEp y0urs this kind 0f kindness up which will make y0u “BRAND” and “SUCCESS” Thank y0u

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