What it takes to lead?

      Good leaders are necessary to achieve certain goals and aspirations. In the history of mankind, many leaders show how to lead and what it takes to lead. But, to lead is not about being leader; much is about your ability to follow. A good leader is a good follower. A follower of its constituents, a follower of their aspirations and goals, a follower that leads and makes a difference. Responsibility, accountability, honesty, intelligence, credibility, and a lot more to be listed; those are the characteristics that measure a good leader.

      But for me, those are essential characteristics of a good leader, you cannot be termed as good, if you do not have any of the characteristics I’ve mentioned. Leadership is an act of influencing other to strive in fulfilling something. What we need is a heart that thinks and a mind that feels.

      A heart that sees what is ought to do and not what is to be do, a heart that inspires other to move, and a heart that sees through the eyes of his followers. Sometimes, leaders failed to see the very essence of their existence as a leader, they are called leader to lead, not to make people feel uncomfortable in achieving a goal. A good leader need not to be too intellectual to lead, what he need is a heart that thinks, combining wisdom and passion in leading. He need not to be responsible if he has faith to his subordinates. He need not to be too honest because he thinks using his heart, he decide listening to the people’s wants. What makes him is not the leadership he has but the leadership the people gives to him. To see using the eyes of his followers, to hear using the ear of them, and to act using the hands of everyone he led.

      In every given situation, a leader always need to make a decision, using his heart as a thinking tool and his mind to feel is essential. The mind commit mistakes because he thinks too much while the heart commit errors because it is overpower by emotions. Thus, a good leader must practice the use of heart and mind in every decision he will make.

      The mind that feels is a tool for achieving greater level of success, a leader must feel what the people thinks and eventually weigh what is right and what is wrong. If the leader will just think what other people are thinking, it may turn that he will rejecting the proposal because he believed that he is more intellectual than his followers. What he need to do is to know what the people feels, and what makes him thinks that way. In that process, communication is achieved. Giving and taking, and the leader are in the taking end. To understand what other feels is to know what they want, to use your mind in listening to those feelings is a great help in leading. A good leader must always feels through the mind.

      The combination of the two will leads to a genuine leadership. A leadership based on the people and for the people . A heart that thinks that makes leadership a leadership of the people. That anything the leader does is from the people and to the people. A mind that feels makes a leaders a good decision maker, weighing and measuring all using wisdom and emotions.

      To lead is to think using your heart and to feel using your mind.



  1. Christina Said:

    That was really nice and a good topic @ dat. keep up the writing ………………………………………………………..

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    yahh!!!!its to you

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    What you’ve post today is really Amazing, It’s so inspirational. With this, I can concentrate more, It’s all thanks to you and to your own experience. I hope we can have a good day together!

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