January 13, 2007 : Saturday


Joy Marie Limbo



Now, I’m 18 years old, the first thing that came up to my mind is; wow! I’m at the right age to have a job, to go to the place that always on their main door “for adults only”. Even watching movies that are graded r18. Having health permit or occupational permit without a letter of consent. Even marrying! I will not get any parental consent that I have to marry, (but I will not do to marry right now anyways). Actually there are lots of privileges of being 18.


            Well, one of best things to be 18 is enjoying our suffrage. Now, that we are on the legal age and have the great knowledge we shouldn’t forget that being an 18 years old have a great responsibilities in our country. Maybe the government choose 18 year old mind is that, we have great decisions in our life and we are in great knowledge if a candidate is genuine or not. Election is coming and we on the legal age must be on our mind to choose a good leader for a better future


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  1. Irene Said:

    Being 18 means we will be starting to live like an adult. It is quantitative sign that we have duties to ourselves and country.

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