Federalism: Its Advantages and Disadvantages

 February 7, 2007:Wednesday

Federalism: Its Advantages and Disadvantages

Lea Baluyot
 First what is federalism? Federalism is defining as the allocation of power between the national government and regional government. A system of government in which the power is divided between a central authority and constituent political units. Is it advisable for a country like us to adapt this kind of government?
   According to Jose Abueva, former president of University of the Philippines and a professor of public and administration we should take federal kind of government. He said that the Philippines would take a period of no less than 10 years to make a successful transition to federalism, involving a period of consolidation of several regions and intensive socioeconomic development in each of consolidated regions. Advantages of federal government are the following: (1) It ensures that government remains close to the people because the state government argue that they are more in tune with the daily needs and aspirations of people especially relevant to small and isolated places. (2) It encourages development of the nation in a decentralized and regional manner and allows for unique and innovative methods for attacking social, economic and political problems. (3) It provides a barrier to the dominance of the majority, while the disadvantages are the following: (1) It can lead to duplication of government and inefficient, over-lapping or contradictory policies in different parts of the country. (2) It can lead to inequality between the states and lead to unhealthy competition and rivalry between them. (3) It cal lead to over-government that will result to corruption. I have cited both faces of federal government in order to inform all of you that federal government is a good system of government and a good example of successful federal kind of government is the United States of America. But the question here is do we really need it? Is it advisable for our country to change the government into federal?
  On my point of view, we do not need here a change of government all we need is to strengthen the centralized government. And also it’s very expensive to have a federal kind of government. We have no enough funds because we are still paying our debts. We have already LGU’S and NGO’S to monitor the needs of people that have a power equal to the national government. We are making our situation complicated if we change our present government into federal. Lastly, the Philippines is a third world country and according to survey last September 16, 2006 we have 25 only of the world’s 193 countries have federal political system, and 3 out of 25 is belong in Asia. It only indicates that a third world country like us is not ready and cannot afford the federal government.



  1. Irene santos Said:

    I would like the idea of federalism maybe if we would be like US

    • US citizen Said:

      That’s a nice thought but federalism in the US has more flaws then it is worth. Don’t model your government after our ineffective system!

      • US patriot Said:

        Our system is not ineffective, it is slow and deliberate. The bureaucracy is in place on purpose as to not make too hasty legislation. It also fosters negotiations and ensures middle-road policy.

      • What are your thoughts and insight of the Philippines shifting to a Presidential form Federal Rebulic government system? A Facebook page exists discussing a need for political reforms from a centralized government to a proposed charter change of a presidential federal republic. http://www.facebook.com/federalistafilipinas

    • Vee Said:

      I think it would be better if the Philippines would adopt the German model. They’re also a federal state and goodness gracious look at where they are right now.

  2. Bobby steve Said:


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    • amely Said:

      what does that mean sorry:/

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  8. kausigan Said:

    wow this helps out

  9. dvd Said:


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    • Herod Said:

      Is this from the Goombooh Roombooh Federal State. It’s very well explained. Thank you.

  11. I’ven’t read this article yet but i think so that it would be a good article beacause it is creative and it attracted my attention .Wow this helps out. la la la la la la la !

  12. yared ayele Said:

    i want to read more

  13. yared ayele Said:

    i want to read more on federalism

  14. didi Said:

    its a nice overview. but do you think you are the only one with an oponion? or we should also tell you our views?

  15. hexambird Said:

    ahm! federalism? fOr me yeah it is a good system but for us filipino its hard for us if mag chachange pa tayo…kasi grave walang kwenta na ang mga leaders dto…tsk tsk :]

    • Snah Leirbag Said:

      You have a poin, but the current President Duterte is planning this in advance where he wouldn’t have to worry about pesky politicians going “HEY! You can’t do that!”

  16. rera Said:

    wooow this article is good!

  17. The problem is not within the form of government that we have, it is within us. Nature to us that all of us wants to be a leader that is why we are killing each other for the sake of our aspiration. Democratic is still the best, any change will only cause turbulences in the public. We are good in blaming our government if we are experiencing crisis instead of looking for an answer to our dillema. For me the status quo is already working so theres no need for a change.

  18. Amber Said:

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  19. serenity Said:

    i hate the government!!!! they have to many rules and it sux butt!!! they should just ban the really bad things like murder and leave the rest of it alone!!!! stupid control freaks are so insecure about themselves that they need other people to control to feel good!!!!

  20. serenity Said:

    ooh yea and y can’t we smoke ciggarettes if we’re not 18 how stupid i have 2 months to go. idiots!!!!! i can’t believe people hey let me control some thing./ u can lik my toes until i’m allowed to smoke in a resturant. a smoking ban how gay!!!!! tell me i can’t smoke within 20 feet of a building.

    • serenity Said:

      u suck! IDIOT!

    • proudly, humbly american Said:

      you are the epitome of an american imbecile. i, as an american, am thoroughly ashamed to call you my fellow citizen. granted the government may make a few rules you don’t agree with, but to say that the entire system “sux butt” is uneducated and ignorant. they give you a safe place to live, they give you markets to shop on, and they give you freedoms others couldn’t even dream of. they will probably also be paying you’re unemployment in the near future, because by the looks of your grammar and spelling you flunked out of secondary school.

      • amely Said:

        so true^

  21. Jiliana Said:

    They need to lower the drinking age back down to 18. I mean come on, if you’re old enough to decide what job you want, if you’ll die for your country, to smoke, don’t you think you should be able to drink. Well, i need a cigarette. So, see ya.

  22. mendrel Said:

    you opinion is quite interesting , will you please add more on this,,, just send it to diz address…. mendreldafz@yahoo.com….i am expecting response from you readers….. just a little bit simple opinion,,, about the advantages of federalism,,, a million thankss… more power… Gob blesssss

  23. Ricky Said:

    I used this to help me study for a test I have to take in an hour.

  24. american Said:

    the world needs goverment or else it wpould be total madness. if you dont like it try to live in a third world country were people are dying all around you see if you dont want a goverment them!!!!!!

  25. Nirmala Said:

    Oh ! in many countries of the world the government leaders and opposition leaders are the brutal killer. So, the world is unstable and not out of the risks. No government system can be good or bad in itself because the system is made by human beings. So, if leaders have positive mindset, visionary approach and good management capacity the world will be free of the crisis. In such situation, it no matter whether there is Unitary government system, Federal government or any other systems.

  26. medhanit Said:

    i don’t think that there is any precise definition of federalism. it is something which is structured by policy of respective state. so i need to know further!!!!!!!

  27. bob saget Said:

    this is gay then a monkey

  28. medhanit Said:

    the issue of federalism, let it be the consern of those who abuse it. the very pupose of it is not to be against the rule of law and constitutional democracy. it is about separation of power and enble state government to administer themselves with in the boundery prescribed for them. it is also about giving minirities to govern their way with restricted interferance of the federal government.

  29. Desirous Said:

    it is very nice. i think it really important and knowledgefull.

  30. roslee Said:

    It will help my seeking of literature review on federalism. TQ lea.

  31. i feel that more and more countries should become federal nations for the drastic upliftment of the country

  32. To read more on federalism, I recommend Ken Wheare’s book (Federal Government). I just wrote a post on the subject in the US. See: http://soozah.wordpress.com/2009/10/12/consolidation-what-the-fight-is-really-about/

  33. Amirson Said:

    I Amirson a student of government ,

  34. euandus Said:

    See if you think I’ve got it right in how I depict federalism. I had several replies to my posts so I wrote another in defense of the governmance system. If you are interested in having a look, here is the link. http://euandus3.wordpress.com/2009/10/27/coming-soon-a-post-on-problems-with-a-resurgent-federalism/

  35. savannah Said:

    this helped me on my we the people compation/essay.

  36. Krissy Said:

    whew! this article helped me a lot!:)

  37. allen saloleonar Said:

    federalism.. after hearing about the ridos in maguindanao i don’t think it’s such a good idea, we will just be giving those dictators in the provinces even more power

  38. bandana Said:

    this is a good overview. M a student of law and i want to read more about federalism. i think this will help to my study.

    • liz Said:

      we cannot generalized what system is the best, since different country has different economic standing. in the Philippines, i would recommend us to stick in Unitary system, simply because we do not have want to give more power to those “corrupt politicians”.

  39. tan-man Said:

    i honestly totally agree wit u dude 😀

    and u guys are are SPAMMING DICKS D:<

  40. luxe Said:

    this helped me loads with that we the people compittion for the advantages and disadvantages of federalism

  41. A federal system is a good one but not suitable for developing countries because of the vast resourcesit requires for the smooth running.

  42. bobby smith Said:

    this is sooo helpful!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. jacinta Said:

    i as a federalist with what i know abt federalism i think its the best form of govt 4 eg look at countries like switzerland, usa, india and other countries that adopted e system of federalism how developed they are it really doesnt matter whether developing, i thik it wld be better to adopt the system as a country develops so as not to face challanges in in future when it has already developed. its like bringing up a child and dnt show them how they r supposed to behave and think u can change them in the future which is impossible. oh i wish washington who played a big role to see that usa adopts the federal syst of govt was still alive so as to preach to the whole world abt federalism i think the whole world wld be at peace lets all unite and fight unitary govts and adopt federalism we shall hv no regrets.thanks

    • liz Said:

      we cannot generalized what system is the best, since different country has different economic standing. in the Philippines, i would recommend us to stick in Unitary system, simply because we do not want to give more power to those “corrupt politicians”.

  44. jacinta Said:

    ugandans dont u think hon beti kamya is paying a big role in this countries’ politicss and i think as the youth we should ebrace this chance with open hands coz we r the tomorrow

  45. jacinta Said:

    hing much

  46. Parinita Biswas Said:

    I did not read this article,but then I think that this article is helping to quite many people to understand the term ‘FEDERALISM’.Federalism is a very essential part to be of a democratic country.It brings equality among the people.

  47. Kat Said:

    Really? To the people who are submitting random characters, it would be decent of you to stop. There are college students on here looking for inspiration for essays, and who need to open their minds to different points of view. If you’re bored, go open a social networking account, and type your randomness on your wall.

    • someone Said:

      now someone’s speaking, thanks kat

  48. hennie Said:

    thank you

  49. Bryan Said:

    I think corruption has to be blamed on the people who have power vested by the Constitution to choose the person who will govern them. It’s illogical to blame it to the Federal system itself. Corruption can happen anywhere. Besides, each government system has its flaws.

    I strongly agree that “The Philippines” need to adopt the Federal system considering that we’re living in a multilingual, multicultural and archipelago nation. Also, the main advantage of Federalism is to distribute economic growth among the regions in a fast pace manner.

    Effects of our current unitary system:

    According to the data year 2008-2009, The country’s capital region “NCR (National Capital Region) contributes around 33% of the country’s GDP(Gross Domestic Product) while each of the region outside of NCR barely reach 7%. The ARMM region contribution to GDP stands at 0.9 %. The poorest region in the entire country.

    The large gap of GDP’s share of NCR and ARMM indicates that the NCR receives much more benefits in economic growth and development than the rest of the region.

    Did you wonder why there is an outstanding population in Metro Manila? Almost all of the job opportunities are found in Manila. The lack of job opportunities impeded by the slow economic development in other regions outside of NCR prompt the people from rural to mass migrate into Metro Manila.

    We can also dissipate armed rebellion particularly MILF or the Muslim rebels. These people still outcry the help and support from the national government.

    We can also sustain to run a Federal system as long as there is unprecedented “economic growth” in each region. In addition to this, the country has lots of resources – especially mineral resources. That’s the main reason why we’ve been colonized in the first place.

    As of now, there are two types of gov’t which are given the spotlight. (1) Federal – Presidential System (2) Federal – Parliamentary System.

  50. Dionna Said:

    Thanks this was actually helpful. not only the author of this but also MOST of the comments.kids please stop posting random things on here because some of us are actually trying to gather information for essays! It would be greatly appreciated!

  51. what makes federalism expensive, something we can not afford?

  52. Cam Said:

    Interesting…very interesting 🙂 ♥

  53. jchua17 Said:

    thnx I needed it for my debate in class

  54. Debele Worku Said:

    It is good. I need this for my class presentation.

  55. Anthony Said:

    I love dis answer. But i also need the features. Thanks!

  56. Anthony Said:

    I like it but i also need their features. Thanks!

  57. Paranjay Said:

    This might be useful
    Merits of Federal system
    No political system is perfect by itself. Every political system has its good and bad aspect.Some good benefits of this are:
    1. Close relationship between state and people.
    2. Conflicts may settle down in local level.
    3. Maximum use of means and resources.
    4. Doesn’t hamper the country even if central government is dissolve or in stable.
    5. Do not depend upon center for everything.
    6. Accelerate developmental activities.

    Demerits of federal system
    However, it also has some drawbacks.They are:
    1. It is expensive form of government.
    2. Conflict may take place among the stables in using natural resources.
    3. Different ethnic groups may demand for separate state e.t.c.

  58. SAROJ LAMICHHANE, Nepal. Said:

    I am agree with you. Nepal is now in the transitional phase after 10 years of civil war. Now the communist are ruling the government . Nepal is also going to adopt the federal system of government in the near future which have been declared by the interim constitution 2006 AD.
    Federalism, simply a ‘System’ to run the nation in which a country has been separated with absolute power decentralization in different autonomous state according to the caste, religion, population, language, population , geographical features, resources and ability of sense so that the state could have ‘self decision power’ to mobilize the resources for all around development through their own local government.
    There is advantage of identification of available resources together with locally available skilled manpower. Similarly there is guarantee of absolute public pressure for effective output for any king of wrong activities from the authority that results minimization of corruption.. Beside , ‘interdependency’ among the state for food , employment, market, trade etc will convert into the ‘Absolute Need’ that decrease the regional disparity which helps the nation to be united in one. Increase national filling with self respect. Similarly, competition among state on different variables or the prerequisite helps nation toward rapid development. Central government become free enough to develop international affairs , standard diplomacy for the welfare of the nation and the people. The confusion of different doubt like division of the country, conflict between states, caste, religion etc can be solve by the local agreements as well as by the constitution.

  59. Luyimbaazi Deus Said:

    why do people in the 3rd world countries think they cant work out of their situations? to create effective government you don’t have to be rich but to be faithful and nationalistic.

    if federalism brings satisfaction and the people want it they should they wait until they are as rich as the US?
    We have the same problem here in Uganda of leaders thinking that strengthening the unitary system against the will of the majority is better for the nation.
    I think they are selfish.

    • Saroj Lamichhane, Nepal Said:

      Hi, Luyimbaazi,
      I am agree with you and respect your sentiments. Simply, Federalism is suitable specially for those countries where diversity in language, culture, caste, religion etc are found. Each and every sector of them wanted to live with absolute identity with self respect even within their own country. Generally no constitution or governmental mechanism use to ignore this issue , because they are (central government) either influenced by the Donner nation or suppressed. Poor countries should have to obey them otherwise begging bowl become useless. In fact corruption is not the interest of our politicians but they are being made corrupted by those rich nations. Shadam, Iraq, Bin Laden could do nothing ….. , in this context only a great diplomacy, “will power” may can work to build the nation. Being one or having majority also can’t do nothing. Beside strengthening of unitary system also not good because centralization of power in one hand or unit could make them ‘Autocrat’ or ‘Dictator’. I am not advocating about the freedom but I am talking about the self respect. Pls think about my openion and reply.. . Saroj.

  60. This web is truly a very good aid to the student espcl {assignment}

  61. yousuf mahato Said:

    i think nepal cannot handled federalism based on caste as there are many caste, and everycaste have their own identity and values. I should say nepal need federalism but on other alternave. Recently in nepal some movement have been seen and there are strike due to upcoming fedaralism. Its like starting of civil war between different caste. But i m hopeful for peaceful federalism in nepal.

  62. fanny Said:

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  63. Nithin varma Said:

    Thanks a lot it saved my life!!!!

  64. Keep going! and Go for it always!

  65. Monique Said:

    “Nothing is constant but change”. So, in my opinion, since the Philippines is not fast progressing from eradicating poverty and reaching national economic development, it is certainly time to adapt new government system provided that it would be carefully done, and it was properly communicated to common Filipinos. 😉

  66. Wale Said:

    It’s a must read for evry gvt.

  67. Beresa Abebe Said:

    Of course all of them I accept, but federalism have only this disadvantages?

  68. ja Said:

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  69. princeraj siliman Said:

    jts not good for Uganda because we are too corrupt

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  86. Nigussu Said:

    I am proud of myself by having acces to this website!!! Great thanks to those who participate when this page wes created.

  87. bernard ndasi Said:

    materials/notes are very understandable. I give you much congratulation.

  88. a good and wonderful write

  89. trevor Said:

    good nd wonderful write

  90. Yasmin Said:

    Its Better to try and take risk to a new Government under FEDERALISM than allowing leaders and officials to finish all the money of our Country…

  91. nestea Said:

    we dnt need to change our government all we can do is to change ourselves………

  92. Burnok Said:

    Philippines have a lot of money , how can you say that we cannot afford this federalism .and how about the billion of money that are corrupted.

  93. […] Manila Bulletin BSPolitics […]

  94. brrp Said:

    Duterte for the win!

  95. Frankie Said:

    Let’s try to adopt this kind of government as long as there is a brighter leader who implement the law. Expensive? i think we can afford as long the corruption is banned with the incoming administration. We have a lot of money, Filipino people knows that we have the capacity to compete when it comes to a good economy compare to other country but the problem is our lawmakers is totally corrupt. So Duterte Administration is the answer! Let us rebuke and dismantle the spirit of corruption and we work it hand in hand to sow a honest and faithful leaders so that our country will submersed out from the cancer of poverty and corruption.

  96. rhangel Said:

    Truly, it is not yet time and no need to change the kind of govt we have. Like what the ms.baluyot said, we don’t have budget for it… Based on data, since only few are used and had this kind of govt, in my opinion it is not really good or appropriate now.

  97. Ji Anna Said:

    great help for our debate….sad to say i belong to the opposing side 😦 since i was a federalist….tsk


  98. Crispin Masisti Said:

    what does the fox say !!!

  99. Crispin Masisti Said:

    I don’t understand the thesis that you build !! Txback or call me This is my # 69

  100. july christian galagate Said:

    thank you very much for that info i get a strong side to defend my side.

  101. rlhynrago.rr@gmail.com Said:

    what is the effect of federalism in moral or religious aspect ?? i really need different ideas for my debate.. thank you

  102. […] Baluyot, Lea. 2007. Federalism: Its Advantages and Disadvantages. https://bpspolitics.wordpress.com/2007/02/11/97/ […]

  103. kate lyra octaviano Said:

    federalism cant happen here in the philippines . first . there is not enough time because the term of our president duterte is only 6 years and we can not afford to cope for anymore changes coz our government is going on lots of troubles now .. second .. the philippines money is not enough considering that philippines has many depth to pay and it also gives a chance to the lower part of the government to steal money from us . and third, it separates us and the people of the philippines.

  104. Reblogged this on JOURNALISM.

  105. Mohammad Ameen Marohomsalic Said:

    What are the real and dangerous risk and disadvantages of federalism in the Philippines?

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