March 24, 2007 : Saturday

Shiela Coderis

      … a natural born citizen of the Philippines, a registered voter, “ABLE TO READ AND WRITE”

      Battle of the brains…

      Businessman    VS.    Lawyer

Battle between the knowledge  and   knowledge ’bout the laws of the

      ’bout money        land


      Former senator   VS.    Reelectionist senator

Battle between the intelligence in     intelligence in making laws

      making laws

      Teacher     VS.    Former congressman

battle between the knowledge ’bout     knowledge in passing laws

      the scarcity in education

      Military    VS.    An actor

Battle between the knowledge in      knowledge in entertaining people

      protecting people

                        “WHOSE INTELLIGENCE WILL PREVAIL?”

ABLE to READ and WRITE. Easy to understand isn’t it? Must know how to read and decipher what  have been written. Simple! A requirement written in the hierarchy of laws — The 1987  Constitution.

EDUCATION. Can be another requirement for politicians, electorates. But is it a necessity? Could this  be a meter to measure his/her capabilities to serve and pull our declining country up?

INTELLIGENCE. What kind of the intelligence is needed? Intelligence acquired from education or  from experiences? Could also be!

 Take a look at reality. What is the real scene; the real show? The battle of the brains. The battle of alleged abilities. The showcase of people who are blessed in speaking the English language; the people who have these capabilities in molding the minds of the masses into round. He show of cleverness; the skill in pretending that they know what does reality means to the masses. The intelligence that will control our lives. These are the names of the game!

      Ferdinand Marcos. An intelligent, very educated person that he even won a case against him with he, himself as the lawyer. He knew all about politics, his powers as the highest person in the land and his influences. He has used his incomparable intelligence to control the whole Philippines; our lives; to control every aspect of the country which the masses didn’t understand. It was his advantage to have such intelligence and such ignorance of the people as his greatest power.

      Joseph Estrada. Unfortunately, on the other hand, an actor, didn’t finish studies, established his name in the field of entertain m entertainment, Mr. Popular. It was his experiences, popularity and appeal that made him the highest person in the land. But in the short span of time, look at him now! Imprisoned! He’s far from the the intelligence Marcos’ has. He failed to use his full powers to control the whole nation unlike Marcos did. He failed to influence people around him, thus he was the one influenced by those people which pushed him down.

      Hence, its pretty ridiculous to think of the politicians who’ll enter politics without the proper knowledge ’bout it. Why enter politics without the greatest weapon?…INTELLIGENCE.

      But still, in the end of the day, it is the voters which comprises mostly of the masses who’ll decide. It’s up to them if they’ll choose those intelligent, wise, clever persons or just those “ABLE TO READ AND WRITE” persons only. Those very literates or illiterates. It’s up to them on how they want to change the status of the country.

      That’s perhaps the reason why our constitution just stated “ABLE TO READ AND WRITE” only. For us to exercise our freedom to choose; to choose between these options —– those intelligent, holding a degree, wise men, or those with the real heart for serving and who understand what really reality is. However, still, we cannot blame people if they feel voting these intelligent persons… It’s their FREEDOM!


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  1. Irene Said:

    I think having a freedom of choice does not end on just having freedom to choose. I think with it there are even more greater responsibility towards our country like studying the issues economic, political, and social that way those debate would not be worthless if people at the grass root level would clearly understand their great responsibility. Choosing whom to vote isn’t spoon feed by the constitution something greater must be done.

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