TOURISM: If Only the Plan was carried out as Planned

March 17, 2007 : Saturday 



If Only the Plan was carried out as Planned

Jezza Blastique



            As early as 1990, the government already had a zoning plan for Boracay. Perhaps because they visioned the possible crowding of infrastructures in the island since its crystal-shining white sand attracts foreign and local tourists as magnet. And the government has already got its prize for foretelling a true-happened phenomenon-revenue. Unfortunately, maybe the national government was overwhelmed by the dollars the island is raising that they continue promoting the island paradise and just gave the implementing power of the said zoning to the local government, which failed to carry out the plan. It is a question mark if the failure is because of lack of budget, lack of manpower (which I doubt), management problem, or whatever.


            Today, there are lots of shops, bars and resorts in Boracay. It doesn’t take much to realize that these establishments were established and developed in every place of “potential money”, since there is no announced restrictions. This caused the alarming situation of improperly zoned island. That is why the Tourism chief announced that there’s a need for new zoning strategy for Boracay, and that the government already has, in which a demolition act topped the zoning details.


            There’s no problem about demolishing some infrastructures if it is to improve road networks, water and sewerage systems, etc., and to keep the paradise from being space less. The point is, if only the very first plan was properly supported, we can avoid destructing some of the profiting businesses there. If only the first plan was seriously given attention to, there’s no need for new strategy, no need for bigger budget, because in 1990, the number of infrastructures there in Boracay isn’t as many as now. If only the visioned problem was promptly addressed, there’s no need to fund a demolition act. Because even the demolition itself could cause a huge amount of money! If only government officials didn’t ignore the plan, the budget that will be used for demolition could be used for housing projects, education, health and other more important things than that demolition.


            Lots of “if only”


            New hotel constructions in Boracay caused the rise in number of workers which also caused the increase in trash. The problem in trash is worsened by typhoon Seniang. That meant a bigger cost for trash management and recovery facilities. It’s just a wonder why lots of garbage was blamed to rising working population and not to the real cause of the problem ; lack of discipline. If only all of them followed the trash management rules, Seniang would not damaged Boracay that much. If only Filipinos are disciplined.


            Another “if only”  


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  1. katigbak,karla elaine Said:

    you said in yor article that if only filipinos are disciplined, having this attitude is the problem of the filipino.. this is probably the reason why we are getting poor in every area of competition in different countries simply because filipinos lack discipline.

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