March 20, 2007 : Tuesday 


            by: JESSICA  E. DIMAYA

     Living in a democratic country gives us the right to elect whoever we want to lead our country. But we must also remember that along with this right is a responsibility. A responsibility to choose the deserving and qualified leaders. As voters, we must be observant among the candidates. We must be aware of their personalities as well as their capabilities in serving the country. We must not tolerate vote-buying.


  If we really want to be benefited and see improvement in this country, we have to be responsible. We must bear in mind that to vote is to take a stand, to choose a side and to add one more voice to the million of Filipinos who aspire tranquility and prosperity for this nation.


 So as a citizen of this democratic country, we must exercise our right to vote. And we must exercise it properly by voting wisely.



  1. angel Said:

    We can’t deny the fact that here in the Philippines the politicians have to pay people just to win the fight.. We can’t blame those people who grab that opportunity to get money in an easy way (the flying voters).. they have no choice because of poverty which is caused by the politicians also who corrupt when they are in the position already.. they using the money of the people… in short means … ginigisa tayo sa sarili nating mantika… pera rin ng tao ang ginagamit sa mga gawain na di maganda..

  2. katigbak,karla elaine Said:

    Our right to vote is not only a privileged but also a responsibity to every people. I don’t want people who sell their votes in exchange of money ,goods or whatever then after the election you will hear them blaming the officials for they are experiencing poverty .

  3. Irene Santos Said:

    We must not only vote this but make a wise choice among these candidates.

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