The Blood from Hell, to Sacrifice for Heaven.

March 13, 2007 : Tuesday

The Blood from Hell, to Sacrifice for Heaven.


Gerald Mesina


     We all know that there are a lot of people who shout there and use their bodies are the main shield as a guard just to shout their grievances towards the current political system and towards those people who hold power and authority to govern lives. They sacrifice so much and they even choose to fight for the benefit of many people over the opportunity cost of acquiring a peaceful life. Every blood that they lost, every wound that they take, every pain that they endure is for the sake of what they are fighting for. These people behind these battles are truly a paragon of a noble warrior who seeks for justice and for freedom.


Why do some hate them ???


  Some say that these people are worthless because their voices do nothing. Some say that they contribute for the confusion of the masses and they contribute to political immaturity of the country. And they use illegal actions to file their appeal against the current administration and they deserve the pain that they receive.




Without them, people will be totally suppressed by the people who are in power.

Without them, we would not be able to voice out what are necessary which is better and what are the problems.

Without them, everything will be manipulated by people who are in power.


Maybe some will say that I am assuming ( “Assumptioning” Katie’s version) ………


But we all know that in history, when monarchies are the basic form of the3 government system people are treated as tools and they are a deprive by human rights.


And who, what, give them the salvation?


Isn’t it the revolution?


By who ?


By people who are fighting for justice.

Just like those people who fight for their own sectors and for the benefit of the whole state.  Its common sense that these people contribute for the development and for the freedom of the country.

Its “common sensical” – Emil Samaniego



  1. katigbak,karla elaine Said:

    well for me, I’m not against in this kind of people..because they are only expressing what they want ..In reality, they shout for the common good of the people but if they get what they want and their sacrifices worth then people who doesn’t do nothing just to say that this people are fighting for the impossible then if they succeed all of us will benefit and I think it’s unfair for those who sacrifice.

  2. Irene Said:

    I’m not totally against these people but sometimes it is also a political tool to oust governments who are making real change in the society i.e when you want to build a Nuclear Power Plant to cut energy cost environmental protesters would oppose it though they may have legitimate concerns some are just paid by the big companies to make noise to jeopardize the plan thus saving their profits

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