March 11, 2007 : Sunday


Joy Marie Limbo

      Whenever I heard Militarization it sounds dangerous. There are cops everywhere. Looking for bad people every night but seeing them in their uniform I feel very safe. Whenever I go home late at night from work I see tough men and women in uniform. I feel they were taking care of the people. But sometimes when I am reminiscing, what is the feeling when our country is under militarization? I mean during Marcos regime when military are scattered in Metro Manila to protect the people. There were no snatchers and rapists that are walking on the streets. People were afraid to do such moves that are against the government. It’s so nice to hear if our country will be like that again without abusing the power of the person leading our country. I am not pro militarization but what I am saying about is, nowadays our country is on chaos, even though we are exercising democracy people are not safe to move or to go outside. We do not know who our real enemies are. Is it the government? Or the so called antagonist, the NPA? Let us think about it if militarization is dangerous to our country, or are we safe nowadays?


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  1. katigbak,karla elaine Said:

    militarization is good if it is not abuse.. nice work joy

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