It’s Time to Shine!

March 19, 2007 : Monday

It’s Time to Shine!

Clarence Salazar

            Caught up with the phrase? (hehe) This phrase was use by our class as our motto during the celebration of the 12th DPSPA Week. We believed that it’s our time to shine that we pursue to be the best section in the Department of Political Science and Public Administration and we did it.  Actually I just use this phrase as the title of my article because while I was thinking of what article to write I thought of what’s happening in this time of the year the campaign period, and I the idea that  crosses my mind is that this is the time were the politicians needs to shine.

                It’s their time to shine again! The time of the year that they are eager to get the votes of the majority of the population of the country for them to be in the position again. Different propagandas and ‘gimmicks’. There are the political advertisements that give different impressions to the politicians in a particular ad. As a Political Science student, we don’t miss to talk about the politicians and we mainly topic about the political ads. We got our own different incites about those political advertisements. For there are the serious ads that shows the sincerity of the politicians and there are also the funny ads, not to offend anyone but many of my classmates thought that those kinds of ads cannot be taken seriously especially by the well educated people in vernacular there is the question “Sinong niloloko mo?”

                Because of those kinds of political ads, instead that the people will look at you as their option, they will look at you as a laughing matter. Not to mention any names but I’m sure as Political Science students you have keenly observe those politicians and their political ads.

                Not to focus in the political ads, actually I have only mentioned that because I enjoyed the article made by Ms. Jezza Blastique.

I was wondering, why is it these politicians during the campaign/ election period of the year these politicians are so visible with their projects and programs.  That they will go even to the farthest region of the country just to shake hands with the people there and tell them to vote for them, saying that “I will improve this, I will improve that…” “I will give you this; I will give you that…” “Vote for me because I have done this and I have done that…”  Shame!

                People of the Philippines especially the masses can be easily carried away by the rhetoric in the words of those pretenders. The reality of the system in the country is that during the campaign period these politicians will give away goods or even money for the Filipino citizens and as much as possible will do favors for the richer Filipinos and that these citizens will have the so-called “utang na loob” to those politicians and in return, they will vote for them, hoping that these politicians will continue to help them.

Oh! It’s really a shame to be fooled by these pretenders! After winning the elections the promises were forgotten and that they are now busy with their own interest. “Ang pagbawi sa perang gunastos nila noong panahon ng eleksiyon”.

It’s just really hard to accept that we are having hard time to distinguish the true servants of the Filipino nation from those who are just pretending and the only priority is their own intention.  I request every Filipino citizen to please study and keenly observe the politicians that you are going to support and to whom you will entrust your votes. We should have learned the lesson of the past and correct the mistakes that we have done in choosing those who don’t really have the heart to serve the people.




  1. katigbak,karla elaine Said:

    It’s true that’s why when I asked my friend why did she doesn’t vote during election time she said that whether I vote or not it’s still the same… same problem of the country,same kinds of politicians and everything will be the same but I didn’t agree with her because if that is her opnion and will be the opinion of every people then we and the Philippines don’t have chance anymore. tHE ONLY THING THAT WE MUST DO IS TO VOTE WHO WE THINK CAN HELP US.

  2. Irene Santos Said:

    I think that we have a lot to go through before we can actually change the system how candidates will sell themselves to the voting population.

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