March 21, 2007 : Wednesday 



       “Balimbing” or “turncoats” are terms which refer to those politicos who practiced party-switching.


      Why do politicians switch parties?


      For the negative side, I believe that politicians switch parties because they are no longer benefited in the party where they belong. Most of our politicians are entering politics just to acquire power, wealth, and fame. Their main purpose is to serve themselves and not the people. Once they no longer get what they want, they turn their back, break their loyalty, and join those parties who can accomodate their interest. These are bum politicians or lets just say “rotten” or  “spoiled” (moral sense) BALIMBING.


     For the positive side, I can say that the reason why politicians switch partiesis because the party where they belong no longer prioritize the welfare of the people or its main objective no longer benefit the peole.

     There’s nothing wrong for being a “balimbing” as long as you turn on the right side.



  1. katigbak,karla elaine Said:

    For me, when I hear the word turncoater its a negative word it include the word ” walang paninindigan at prinsipyo sa buhay”. It’s okay if they turn for the right side as you have said but most of them or probably all of the turncoaters turn for the sake of their own interest.

  2. Irene Santos Said:

    Political convinience will be normal in abandoning previous principles.. and political survival will be convinient excuse for turncoats

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