As Simple As That

March 12, 2007 : Monday

As Simple As That

“Few are those who see with their own eyes and feel with their own hearts”-Albert Einstein

Political advertisements affect people’s decision in voting. So why cover political advertisements?

  1. For the television networks to earn vast amount of money.
  2. For the politicians who want to convince people to vote for them.

But I know that voters are sensible enough to choose a true-blooded, honest politician that they will going to put in office. Filipinos are used to promises and I trust them whey they say that they want to choose the right person. I don’t care if how much money did the politician spent and the TV networks gained because deep inside me believes that Filipinos will be in their right tract of mind and learn their lessons not to be blind this time.

The good politician is the one who will promise them to be true to himself; a politician who doesn’t pay political ad to become well-known but a politician who knows the real meaning of public service. That’s the politician that our people needs.

Khemle Jane T. Visca


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  1. katigbak,karla elaine Said:

    political advertisements during election? it’s ordinary especially during that time because candidates will do everything just to get the vote of the people it will just depends on the people whether thay will ride on that gimik.

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