When You Believe

March 4, 2007 : Sunday 


When You Believe


Carlo Mao P. Antalan


It is in these times that tomorrow seem to be bright for every Filipino. That that the power to change the world and make better our situation is all in the hands of a few. That we would be as rich and great as America . It is in these times that everything seems to be easy- in your dreams!


Tol! Amigo! Angara ng Buhay!… I’m pretty sure everyone have heard and familiar with these lines. Who would not be!? These lines are what invade our televisions these days. These political ads are even more shown than consumer product advertisements.


It is heaven they promise every time they gonna be needing our votes. But the thing is, many are living like hell after they get what the need from us. There would actually be no problem even if they promise the moon and the stars so long as we get what we hear from their flowery lips. Coz we do deserve better that this. Worse, they add up to the aged problem of the country. Who in this earth would believe these people are all clean when they claim they are? Just to realize, during their campaign, they spend hundreds of millions? And how they gonna earn back these millions they spent? Now who would believe they do not pocket even just a single peso?


There can be miracle when you believe- as a song says. But there would actually hundred folds of miracle when you do not only believe. When you become more responsible with your votes and more choosey with whom you should believe in.                                        



  1. katigbak,karla elaine Said:

    Ang sarap mangarap sana matupad hehehe… ganyan talaga ang kalakaran ng pulitika pati sa ordinaryong buhay ganyan talaga gagawin lahat kasi may kelangan nasasayo na lang kung magpapaloko ka.

  2. Irene Said:

    The people should use their heart after the careful deliberation whom to vote but in our case it should be the head

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