Send doctors and engineers to slums, not soldiers

March 1, 2007 : Thursday 

Send doctors and engineers to slums, not soldiers 

Arjay Calderon

As continuation of my first article, doctors and engineers should be deployed to the poor urban dwellers, not soldiers.. because it will be a good sight to those people who crave for public service where it can effectively win the hearts of these people.

Doctors can offer a medical service such as free check-up and free medical services where these various places are lacking of. It will be better to help these people not harass them and put fear to them which is happening now because of the militarization.

Engineers on the other hand, can do a civil act to these people where they can build infrastructures such as schools or repair broken facilities in centers or public hospitals where people can benefit from it. Meaning to say, gaining respect is not just by forcing them to respect you, but also serving them and be a good leader to them..

And i believe, that it is not impossible to happen as long as these leaders have the desire to serve their subordinates. And there will be a much different scenario if this would happen that what is happening today.

That’s all thank you… [World Peace}



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  1. katigbak,karla elaine Said:

    I’ve read this article in the news paper lately. there is a senator who suggested that it is good if this soldier will not bring their guns to avoid terror but to bring things that can help people in the slum area and that can made them calm but I hope that this is not only a propaganda.

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