February 28, 2007 : Wednesday 


Arjay Calderon

Today, varios places such as Metro Manila, some areas of Cebu and in Quezon City are being militarized where military men stay on such places fully armed and going house to house to check on militant groups.. They say that they are gathering info not on the rivalry on the politicians but the influence of the militant groups. But still, moving from house to house fully armed scares of supporters and they feel harrased because of course, they can’t do anything against the military.

Militant party list groups sucha as Party of Workers appeals to the government and especially to the comelec to demilitarize the Armed Forces of the Philippines to such places. And I believe that it must be done because the AFP are to protect the people or the common good, not to be feared and harass people.

WaAAaaaaahhHH! ! wala na akong masabi ah… hehehe




  1. rommel Said:

    i think it is not right to sday that the deployment of troops in some localities in the country be called militarization.because it is just a part of the duties of the AFP to administer such actions.what i understand about militarization is,it is the rapid expansion of the military personnel in service,and military equipment procurement.although there is aquisition of military equipments now,i do not consider it as a move towards militarized philippines because we all now that our soldiers are still using aged and obsolete gadgets, making the AFP unable to perform its primary duty to address internal as well as external threats.I am so disappointed when i read this article bnecause as if we are taking for granted our military.

  2. bpspoltheo Said:

    yeah…, if you can notice, sa mga lugar na sabing na-“militarized” DAW.., eh bumagsak ang crime rate. 🙂 hindi militarization yan!

    paranoia lang yan ng mga NPA.


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