It’s Election Hunting Season! Grab your guns and fire!

February 27, 2007 : Tuesday 

It’s Election Hunting Season! Grab your guns and fire!

By: Jesus Kristian king P. Calugay

                  So, it has come at last. It’s another mind chilling, bone crushing and spirit ripping episode of Philippine history… (AHHH!! *Faint*)…Philippine 2007 Election Season is “ON”. Ah, you could just poke your nose out and smell the scent of the election fever in the air. (Sniff-sniff) Isn’t this exciting?! See the piles and piles of wallpaper-like campaign posters invading walls and posts. Hear the astonishing campaign songs and shouts that will make you shiver. Witness the non-stopped battle of our politicians on and off the camera, from name calling to the revelation of jaw dropping controversies.

                  Elections have accompanied us through out the years. It’s almost a festival which we prepare and celebrate with everyone. Maybe not celebrate but it is important that’s a fact. There so many colors, so many glowing people and so much of those long and noisy parades. A vigilant search for leaders whom will stand for us and what we believe in. tis’ the time of choosing public servants that will lead us to prosperity and absolute tranquility, “Utopia”. It is a vital event which will change our lives one way or another. Yet the elections in the Philippines are quite strange. Lies and more brain-aching controversies are flooding the air waves. So many different parties shouting and barking like mad dogs on the streets. Fingers pointing in all directions, then I stopped looking and started asking questions. What is all this? Is this still a part of the significant change for the future? Is there need for such nonsensical to arise? Will this never end? Can’t we just stand still for a moment and look around? What has changed in the past years? How far have we gone with this kind of order? Why do I keep asking questions that are so awkward?

                  Questions lead to more questions, but the answers are inside this world of politics. Stepping inside the ring would be dangerous especially in our country. But each of us must take responsibility and take part in this skirmish of Philippine politics. After we are all accountable for this country’s future.


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  1. Irene Said:

    We should really the electoral process in this country and really make the election the voice of the people’s aspirations

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