Finest Clown in the Philippine History.

March 7, 2007 : Wednesday

Finest Clown in the Philippine History.
 Gerald Mesina
Boom Tarat tarat boom tarat tarat tararatarat boom boom boom……………………
Pangarap kong tuparin ang pangarap mo……………………….
      Every time I watch the Tv these are the lines that I hear. And this political advertisement has dominated the television with these carnival commercials to support their candidacy.  During election period almost everyone were amazed by the artistic production number by every candidate. But isn’t it that political advertisement is a way to show why these candidates deserve the vote of the people?
Tong. Tubiri (while dancing): boom tarat tarat boom tarat tarat tararat tararat boom boom!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pigil Tubiri po Ipod ng kabataan !! Kaymito ng bayan.
Tong. Petsay: Ano bay an tubiri kulang ka sa panguuto sa tao dapa meron kang mga pang ekla dyan para maniwala sila sayu panoorin mo yung akin.. Hey boys mga pare mga hamapas lupang bodyguards halika kayo.
Pilay: pangarap ko pong makalakad.
Aling Poleng: Pangarap kong maging beauty queen.
Bakar: Pangarap ko pong maging gwapo ako.
Rommel: Pangarap ko pong makaron ng magandang girlfriend
Habemus: Pangarap ko pong tumalas pa ang B%^& ko.
Petsay: Pangarap kong tuparin ang pangarap mo.
Bakar: Ano nangangarap na lang kami tapos ikaw mangangarap lang din eh di nagsama sama tayo sa kangkungan
 What is a political Advertisement?
   Political advertisement is a part of our political dynamics and it is already a part of our culture. Political advertisement includes the posters radio ads. tv ads., paper ads., and even the newest advertisement the internet. Political advertisement is a method of showing and showcasing your identity as a candidate to the public and it is use as a way to persuade the people to vote for them.  Political advertisement is a political tactic to win the election and it use to our country every election.
What is the main function of the Political Advertisement?
  It is a political engine use to promote the candidate by showing his advertisement in tv, radio, newspapers, magazine, posters, leaflets and by the internet. For the part of the politician it is their chance to say everything in the political advertisement, it is their chance to showcase their achievements in the field of public administration and public service. Political advertisements are tool or the medium in which the politicians can deliver their platforms, plans and their experience as politicians. It serves as a big bio data that can be view by the public to bolster their own campaign and win the election. But what is happening to the status quo, politicians use artist and other showbiz personalities to deliver the speech of them instead of promoting what they can do to the public. We all know that Filipino people are easily attracted by these showbiz personalities and the politicians use this opportunity to persuade the people to vote for him. We have many politicians in our history that really uses artist to bolster their campaign. These kinds of politicians are desperate and they use this advertisement to show that they deserve for the position even though they are not and because of that artist that covers for this politician, the politicians receive more support than other candidates. More and more carnival political advertisement rise in our country today and those advertisements are really irritating because they only use songs, funny lines and remarkable sceneries to persuade the people and attract theses people toward them. It is very funny that they use almost 70,000,000 php just for a single ad. Imagine that big amount of money that they spent for just to have a very entertaining advertisement those money can help alleviate poverty if use for the people. And still they choose to be clowns and act as carnival addicts in their commercials.
      For the part of the Voters it is their chance to scrutinize the candidates and for them to learn more and help them decide who to vote and who to ignore. This political advertisement is advantageous to the part of the voters because they can pin point real leaders from stage actors and from funny clowns who pretend that they really know how to dance and pretend that their name is euphony to the ear.
The Showdown begins………………
    The stage is set now for these funny political clowns who try to make fun of their names and their faces and bodies just to attract people. Campaign period serve as the war and showdown for these politicians to really showcase what they got and it is the time where in these politicians try to tickle the hearts and brains of every people just to have a support. Politicians try to dance to the tune of their campaign jingle to really catch the people’s heart and attention. They pretend that they really are a god fearing and they really like children but when they step and hold the crown all of this is forgotten The question now is who is a better performer not who is the better leader.



  1. katigbak,karla elaine Said:

    maraming mga political advertisements na parang ginagawang tanga ang tao na kesyo sikat ang kantang ginamit sa advertisement nila eh sa madali na silang matatandaan ng tao at kung ano pang mga gimik dinadaan dapat ay magtanda na tayo na hindi yan sa pasikatan nadadanan kundi sa kung ano ang ginawa niya at kung ano pa ang magagawa niya.

  2. Irene Said:

    very much idiotic advertisements it is up for the people to decide

  3. Basically clowns makes fun to others for them to consider that they are actually funny. Politicians have their own way they making fun of the issues they’ve involved in for them to consider that they are not guilty and if the juror says their not guilty behind their innocent faces in the court lies the evil clown laughing at the people they;v manipulated!!!!
    screw all Filipinos who uses their being Filipinos against other Filipinos…. !!!!!1

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