“Tyrant Rave”: To be or not to be?”

 March 3, 2007 : Saturday 

“Tyrant Rave”: To be or not to be?”

By: Jesus Kristian King P. Calugay

            “Martial law”, a well profound word in Philippine history books. The two words that stands menacingly to those who loved their freedom so much. It is treated as an adversary of those who stand for democracy. Feared by those who have gone into its gates. Martial law….

            “Martial law derives its justification from the need, when civil authority is inadequate, to use military force to suppress insurrection, riot, or disorder, or to deal with public calamity. In as much as martial law is called forth by necessity, the extent and degree to which it may be employed and may supersede civil authority also are measured by necessity.” –Encarta encyclopedia. It seems that people gives a bad impression whenever martial law is being center of the topic. They kept asking, “Who in his sane self will give up freedom and his rights to obtain order?”

The Good: Well when it comes to chaos and massive threat to the state and its population, martial law is an effective strategy to eliminate danger to the state. Occurrences of terrorist attacks, alien invasions or epidemic break-outs, the state may declare martial law as an act to obstruct the progression of these menaces. Marcos wields the reason to declare martial law to create a better society.

The Bad: Martial law claims a high price for its service. Some civil liberties and human rights will be violated in the process. Too much power abuses the beholder. And there is a very high chance of suppression of the general public. In Which I for one do not want to ever happen.

Does the Philippines in need of imposing martial law?

                  We’ll we all know how the constitution deals with the situation on martial law. But the way I see it, the Philippines is in total mess, from our streets to presidential offices. Our government is in a twisting state and criminal/ illegal activities keeps on rising. There are so much pollution, corruption and turmoil. Multiple personalities take abuse of our democracy. Too much democracy some may say. Where is the order? Where is the discipline? Has the false upholding of democracy has defile the beings of this country? Yet, any forceful intent to change is still unsuitable to us civilize citizen of this Republican Nation. The world is corrupt, that goes for some people living in it. Sacrifice is not the solution. Power is not the way it must be. Tyranny is not a better choice. There is always another way, a better way. That’s just what we must find out.



  1. katigbak,karla elaine Said:

    martial law is good if it is for the good of all.. ika nga, kahit ano pag sumobra masama.siguro makaktulong kung sa tamang paraan.

  2. miyang Said:

    martial law was during my parents time….and according to them martial law brought forth a progress in our economy and a well disciplined community… for the fact they say due to fear of the very tight orders during that time….FEAR……if we realized the implication of martial law, we’ll soon be realizing its importance when we ALSO FEAR OUR GOD who brings true wrath in the world….if we fear Marcos during that time because of the consequences, then we can also fear God by not doing anything that harms other people or that leads to His disappointment…..martial law is a way of disciplining the people and not to torture or abused..in the Bible you reap what you sow…..so people deserve this kind of suffering?no they dont…martial law that time went beyond its limitations of disciplining…..if we have a good values and we fear God we will not do such things that leads to the suffering or death of a brother…it only means that our value system is deteriorating………

  3. Irene Santos Said:

    I remember from one of favorite tv show 24 in which the chief of staff and an security adviser to the president were debating. the former were for giving up certain rights of the people in midst of finding the terrorists the latter were for the constitutional rights of the people. The chief of staff just said ” You know I love the constitution, but when the time when our forefathers wrote it it takes half a minute to load a musket, now the terrorists without even aiming killed just 12,000 people… well just connect it.

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