Clarence Salazar



WISE- An ideal leader for me is someone who is wise. Wise not only in a sense of having good education and just being intelligent but wise in his decisions knowing what is right from what is wrong, someone who knows what is good for he’s men and what will cause them harm. Wise in a manner of, he ought to do his responsibilities rightfully. Wise that in times of crisis he manage to solve the problem not being in panic but stayed to be calm and his mind focus thinking how cope with the dilemma. Wise enough to accept and consider ideas from people around him, ideas that may help not ideas that may destroy his credibility.


            SERVANT- An ideal leader for me is someone who knows how to lead and serve as well. Leadership is not just about giving task and giving commands it also deals with actions. A leader not only stands and observes his men, not just keep on saying “do this and do that”, but he should be the one to take the lead in putting his commands into actions. He’s should be the example for his men to follow. A true leader for me is someone that is willing to serve his fellowmen and do his job just and fair.

Go to the Polls

Luis Serrano

Go to the polls today: this is your day,

When you shall make the erring leaders pay,

With mind sincere, unprejudiced and true,

Go to the polls your civic duty do.

Go to the polls and on your ballot write,

With clear and steady hand, in letters bright,

The names of men, whom gold can never buy,

The men who for the right will stand and die.

Go to the polls—the valiant men elect,

The coward and the weak of heart reject,

Put into office men with nerves of steel,

Unselfish men who’ll serve the public real.

Go to the polls—dethrone the demagogue,

And on your ballot write the epilogue,

To his career of graft, corruption vile,

And put in power honest men the while.

The gambler never is an honest man,

He’ll bet his country when and if he can,

The man immoral choose you never must

He’ll sell his birthright and his sacred trust.

Go to the polls, and at your heart’s behest,

Vote for the men who’ll serve their country best,

Vote for the men whom gold can never buy,

The men who for the right will stand and die.


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