Reverie: Messiah’s feathers.

Reverie: Messiah’s feathers.
-by: Jesus Christian King Calugay-
                                                            I have in vision my ideal leader as a messiah, a savior… I have always dreamt of his great wings that have flown to the infinite sky. His great wings gather every piece of the world and bear its weight as he ascends to the peak of the tower of triumph. Few words are all I can read from his majestic feathers gathered on his colossal wings…
            Ù He must know to be Holy.
            Ù He must know to be Evil.
            Ù He is a destroyer.
            Ù He is a creator.
            Ù He is a protector
            Ù He is vast as space.
            Ù He is just and his judgment never fails to conquer what he must.        
            Ù He is gentle as the midnight summer breeze and as vigorous as the ocean storm.
            Ù He carries the weight of all of his followers and bears all that he must.
            Ù His knowledge and intellect goes far beyond any comprehension.
            Ù He knows his limits and stand in the center of the black and white room.
            Ù He has a thirsty for dreams and an insatiable hunger for fulfilling them.  
            Ù He gets the job done period.
            Ù He never sacrifices even in the tightest situation.
            Ù He never neglects his self and his men or each of their goals.
            Ù He holds order and banishes chaos.
            Ù His flaws may linger yet he wields the might and will to purge them.
            Ù He is compassionate.
            Ù He holds the key to unlock the door that leads to victory.
                                                            …is there such a person? Is there such a thing? Well, I believe there is…but as for now, all I can tell is: “I’ll just have to keep my eyes and ears out…maybe I can see and hear his wings beat for real”.


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