If Politicians Were Like Buses, How Will You Catch One?

 February 19, 2007 : Monday 

If Politicians Were Like Buses, How Will You Catch One?

Dana Evangelista
Election is nearly approaching, this is the very best time to exercise our ultimate right- our right to vote, right to choose the prospective leader that will lead our way to the right direction .
First and foremost, look at the direction sign. If it will go to the same direction you wanted to go, then that is GOOD. But if it will go to other places, very much in contrast with yours, think for a while. Wait for another bus that may came along.
Same as choosing a leader, the both of you must have the same goal, say progress. It will be better if both of you will work on this, YOU as a subordinate and HE as a leader. But if the candidate wishes to shoot at the wrong ball, think first. He might have had a better plan than yours or a better strategy to attain the goal. But if he will just worsen the situation, better to decide of choosing another candidate.
The bus should be comfortable to ride on to, without fare increase, with well ventilation.
The candidate must have good plans. In line with this, he must be accountable to his words.
3. Check out who’s the driver.
Check out the buddies of your prospective leader. They are the second self and most of the time they are his advisers. If the advisers have virtuous characters then it is BETTER than those with selfish ones.
A personal choice of an individualin choosing his advisers tells you a lot (in action) about the person that you haven’t seen yet. They reveal things about the person’s characters that might be hidden when he is in good behavior.
Check the reactions of other passengers. If they seem so uncomfortable and irritated, then it fails to connect well with his passengers
Check out his relationship with his family. In family there is also governance.
How does he treat them? Does he play a vital role in shaping his children’s personality? This will be your preview on how he will lead you as his subordinate.
Also, from his family, you will truly discoverwho he really is. A person’s family reveals the cloth which he’s cut.
If ever you ride on the wrong bus- which goes on the wrong direction; makes you feel uncomfortable and irritated; has an annoying driver and mistreated you then it is not too late to get off the bus immediately.
If you experienced a politician who is just making ang breaking promises, then learn from the mistake that he will not have a good governance again. Do not vote him.
These are just some of a hundred guidelines that come along during election.
Vote wisely! Happy trip!


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  1. king jhan lascano Said:

    voting and selecting a good leader is no joke. well filipinos are just mere voters to our politicians. we are only important when they need us. but actually it is very hard to know if the driver and u is in the both direction. and even you know the driver u acnnot tell if he will lead you to tragedy

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