Kris John Sunga 

The word ideal sounds so profound isn’t it?

Specially if the proceeding word is “leader”.


The much expected elixir in a malfunctioning system…

As political science student who consider that all things should go rational, i consider a lot of things for a effective leader: wise, intelligent, god-fearing, humurous ( yeah we need that), transparent etc… really there are lots… but let’s put it thus way: Im no political creature who study about the wild, let’s say im a Biologist student (dream come true.. hehehe) and if asked by a creature for an adjective that would describe the superior in land, i would give credit to loyalty…

Why am i so damn loyal to loyalty?

Maybe because i’ve learn, through my own experiences, the things it could bring to a person, i’ve learn how great that 7-letter word is. 

Loyalty is a universal concept and maybe i have to be specific that the loyalty i’m talking here is loyalty to one’s beliefs.

You don’t have to be too intelligent – what’s the sense of your advisers?

Do not need to be too wise coz sometimes it leads to foolishness

You so not need to be pure honest – white lies do exist   

because maybe what we need is someone who is a mixture of all such good qualities, but how can we come up with a hybrid?

that is simply by being loyal…

Assuming that a problem arise a person who is loyal (in his beliefs) would tend to be as rational as he could in formulating a solution to that problem ofcourse guided by his beliefs. In this sense a leader out of loyalty could be a intelligent, honest and wise at the same time… gud luck s pagbasa… hehehe


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