February 14, 2007 : Wednesday 


Marinelle Magsino

      In my own honest and personal opinion, ethical standards deal with moral. So as long as public officials follow the legal standards, which are embodied in the Constitution, any person or court cannot prosecute any public official if he did not committed any wrong or haven’t done any violation of the law. However, it may be good to realize that ethical standards impose a measure that goes beyond the standards imposed by law. The ethical standards of honesty, fairness, propriety, decency, accountability and compassion are moral values that public officials must follow.

      It may be worth to mention the acts of other public officials who before joining a party asked for financial support for his candidacy and if he finds out that said party didn’t have enough logistic, he decides to look for other party. If he decide to joint the certain party and later on finds out that same party might be lost, he might shift to another party. Where is his decency? Where is his honesty? Balimbing is the term of the said public official. He has no morality and decency but he had not committed any criminal or civil offense against the law.

      Now a days, it is true that there is a wide spread mistrust ands suspicion of those government service due to their acts which is not in line moral standards and because they haven’t violated any law, they will still continue holding office in spite of many people that degrade them. They don’t accept their short comings as they claimed they haven’t violated any law but they are morally accountable. What kind of public officials do we have now a days? There are legal officials but not moral


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  1. Irene Said:

    Turncoatism is blatantly a betrayal of one’s principle for something politically convinient

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