February 15, 2006 : Thursday 

SANCHEZ, Analen B.


      Every day that passes by indicates that election is coming nearer and nearer. There are lots of unwanted things occurring.

      Political killings are very rampant in every corners of our country. Most of the political figures killed are members of the opposition side. Though many investigations are done, still most of the cases are not yet solved. Justice in our country is like a star in the outer space which is hard to get.

      Lots of suspensions are also released by the courts. The released orders indicated the offences made by the officials. But why did they make these actions when it happens that election is near? Are they using these actions just to destroy the reputation of these officials for the coming election? Why did they do it before? Well…we can already see the hidden interest of others.

      In connection with the suspensions, violent dispersal also arises. Like what happened last December in Iloilo. Footage taken by ABS-CBN News during the siege showed policemen breaking windows and pointing guns at civilians during the clearing operations. Why they can make it peacefully? Law enforcers are also the one who are breaking the law. The senators censured Justice Secretary Raul Gonzales for his “unwarranted interference” in the investigation of the case of (Iloilo Governor Niel) Tupas Sr.

      So…what does this mean? These harsh things happening in our country are already becoming a part of our traditional politics. Our politics are becoming worse. What a mess politics we have. We, the current young generations should make actions to eliminate these dirty politics in our country. Eliminate the mess and political trashes in our country.

      We are already immune to these harsh things…. so if another worse thing will be air on televisions, radios and newspapers, we should not be shock. To all…….A bloody and terrifying elections to come!!! (“,)


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