And the COMELEC Telegenic Award goes to…

February 20, 2007 : Tuesday 

And the COMELEC Telegenic Award goes to…

By: Jezza F. Blastique

            I know that I’m hallucinating when I thought that there will be a time the COMMISSION ON ELECTIONS will reach a point of deep thinking on whether they will create an award-giving body for well performed acts of politicians on national elections or not. It’s silly. I admit. But you can’t blame my wild imagination. Because of celebrities’ stream continuously flowing in the current of politics, I can’t help myself but imagine a senator receiving an award for Best Political Ad in the category of Best Choreography! Why, maybe he and his allies dance moves on his ad is fantastic! Best Political Ad awardees in the category of Best Chant and Best Jingle will have a chance to air their notes in MYX for a whole week after the Awards Night (hehe). I know that Political parties exert so much effort on their campaigns that I didn’t forget to give a Best Political Ad in the category of Best Music Video! Whoa… they will also have the privilege to be watched on MYX (astig!).

            We all know that packaging as in “total packaging” is very important in running in the elections. And I’ve already set a very prestigious award for that, “The face who can cast a million votes.” There will be male and female categories for this one. Telegenic award will be based on how good a politician looks in their posters. The awardees will receive a photo frame; with his/her picture of course, where he/she shows her killer smile. If billboards were not banned, there will be also an award for that, “Most Appealing Billboard.” Unfortunately, billboards of politicians were, well banned.

             And to the sporty politicians, I’m not that cruel, or my wild imagination, rather, isn’t that cruel to forget them. These awards will help those who will be losers in the elections to easily accept their fortune (pampalubag loob).


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  1. Irene Said:

    Unless we reform our electoral process this scenario would be what would be normal . Nice work Jhe hehehe

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