February 22, 2007 : Thursday 


Vanessa Karen T. Fajardo

I am on my way home. I was riding on a jeepney with the route of Cubao-Fairview when I fell asleep. I’m so tired and I couldn’t imagine myself sleeping on public transport. I was in the middle of my sleep when I heard a long sound of a blowing horn coming from the jeep I was riding on. It was traffic and I’m so upset because I really wanted to be at home. Then suddenly I heard a noise. People were scattered and I’ve noticed that they were holding a banner. There was a rally and those people involved in it were against on the policy being imposed by the government. Then a certain event flashed back on my mind— the EDSA Revolution.

The past EDSA Revolution has brought us history we never forget—a history of our unity because at that time we are against the wrong doings of our incumbent leader. We exercise our freedom of expression by marching on the street and express our disagreement on the particular actions of our president. People want changes at that time. A rally takes place because we all considered that the rally is always the solution if our leader has done wrong. But of course, we attained our so-called “freedom”.

But based on my observation, today, we are having seen the result of our actions. Isn’t that we are experiencing the same way as we experienced it before? We did not move on. We are still in a cage of our past. We still inherited the traits of our forefathers. Like what the others say that the history repeats itself because of what had happened in the revolution is not an act of democracy but the rule if the mob. We actually ousted the person in the government we believed that is corrupt but we also put the same one or even the worst one on that position. Is that what you mean change? Is rally always the solution to our problem? Well, my answer will be ‘no, it’s not’. So I think that we should not be reckless in our actions. We must think of a better way to assert changes for the development because if were not, it may only repeat the scenario we faced before.



  1. Irene Said:

    Very timely topic to write about EDSA, what is its significance nowadays? Its forerunners seemed to have neglected it and are only celebrating it for formality

  2. intruder Said:

    mob-rule? hindi ba democracy ung nangyari?

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