Not Enough… My ideal…

Not Enough…

       My ideal…

Shiela M. Coderis 


      Leaders should be dreamers.

      Dreams that can make us better.

      Dreamers pave the way to success

      And should not be for our burdens.


      Leaders should have working minds.

      Minds that set aside their personal intentions behind.

      Minds thinking for the welfare of all,

      And not for their own goal.


      Leaders should be trusted,

      For it will mark a great foundation,

      Of a long lasting position.


      Dreams are nothing without force,

      Intelligence is useless without work,

      Trust without efforts is never gained,

      So leaders must be workers…themselves!

Though there are many adjectives,

I just came up with these four.

Maybe I just can’t find the right words,

To describe this ideal I am looking for.

Perhaps he/she doesn’t exist,

Or maybe not yet born…


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