Just a Just

Just a Just

Jezza F. Blastique

He weighs everything fairly,

And judges not lopsidedly;

He observes both sides correctly,

And quite fair, really.

He is just then he is responsible,

‘Coz “I will do my part” is the way he thinks

Yet he never tolerates his members’ laziness

Instead he ushers them to work with eagerness.

He possesses authority

And can summon with ease.

He doesn’t have to be steel-handed

‘Coz in his righteous ways, they are pleased.

He is just then he is truthful,

‘Coz he perpetually reveals the truth.

He doesn’t want to hide reality,

An act of being fair to everybody.

A man who is lawful,

Who complies to every rule and order.

Like his men in rules he follows,

      does not abuse his power

A character of a good leader.

The epitome of my ideal leader

Is one who is fair, just.

‘Coz a person with this conduct,

Is the one who deserves to last.


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