The God the Leader the Commander

The God the Leader the Commander


Gerald Mesina


We always wanted to have a perfect leader, a ideal one that would bring a vehement storm that would swipe away all the problems that a country is facing, an ideal leader that would be perfect and not susceptible to the body of corruption. But come to think of it we may be looking for a God which is a superior in his field and an ideal perfect body to serve and give us a light but in reality we may be looking for the wrong key……………………………………………..

But how can we say that the person that we are looking for is a god?

A god that we cannot find in the body of human


Or we are looking for a commander


But not a leader



These are the list of my ideal leader:



An honest leader, one honest leader will tell everything to the people on which he governs. Honesty is one quality that a leader should possess in order for him to have a clean administration. This will show the people that he is truly dedicated to his work and this will encourage people to cooperate with the government to achieve a progress in the economy and in the political system of the country.




A person who knows how to use many of the instruments that we need to play in order for us to gain development. A leader who’s a little bit of so many things would be a brilliant leader because he is able to adapt in how the world moves.




A discipline leader would not abuse his power and he will only follow the will of the human law. If a man is discipline knows what his limitations are and he will not impair the rights of his constituents




A man knows how to judge and balance his judgments.

A man who knows what is justice is.


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