Feb 10, 2007 : Saturday


King Jhan Lascano


I was already lying in my bed, preparing my eyes to finally take some rest, when I realized that I still don’t my article in this blog. I rose again and think of this article. One of our classmate which is actually a friend of mine, told us that terrorist are heroes, but unfortunately, I must say that he failed to defend his statement, and because of that, the proposition resounds on my head.

Have you ever heard of the name Nelson Mandela? Gerry Adams? Is there any justification for terrorism? Is there any justification in sacrificing lives? And of course what is terrorism?

Jason Burke , an expert in radical Islamic activity, has this to say on the word “terrorism”

“There are multiple ways of defining terrorism, and all are subjective. Most define terrorism as ‘the use or threat of serious violence’ to advance some kind of ’cause’. Some state clearly the kinds of group (‘sub-national’ , ‘non-state’) or cause (political, ideological, religious) to which they refer. Others merely rely on the instinct of most people when confronted with an act that involves innocent civilians being killed or maimed by men armed with explosives, firearms or other weapons. None is satisfactory, and grave problems with the use of the term persist. Terrorism is after all, a tactic. the term ‘war on terrorism’ is thus effectively nonsensical. As there is no space here to explore this involved and difficult debate, my preference is, on the whole, for the less loaded term ‘militancy’. This is not an attempt to condone such actions, merely to analyse them in a clearer way.” (“Al Qaeda“, ch.2, p.22)


According of course to this statement terrorism is a tactic. For me this means political tactic for common good. Of course peaceful means should be done first but in some cases where peaceful and democratic methods has been exhausted, it is justified to resort terror, in cases of repressions and suffering, with an implacably oppressive state and no obvious possibility of international relief, it is sometimes necessary to resort to violence. And aside from that it is obvious that terrorism works. The government is negotiating with them and because of that, sometimes their needs and favours have been given to them. Nelson Mandela, moved from a terrorist to president. In many other counties we see this tend too—in Israel , in northern Ireland , in Sri Lanka and in Oslo peace process that led to the creation of Palestinian authority. Therefore, terrorism is justified by its success in achieving results when peaceful means failed


Violence is not so bad when it is the only way or the shortest way to stop so much suffering, injustice, inequality and exploitation, even GOD use violence when HE judge the world at the time of Noah. And for me, we should realize that freedom and liberty are much more important than a single life, we should realized that there’s no such thing as good or bad, because humans are created half good and half bad.


Of course I don’t want fears, I don’t want anger, I don’t want suffering. Terrorism can also be justified, because terrorism is also for the common good. One philosopher said “there is no peace when there is no justice”. And because that, I’m calling for every ones attention, WE are the next generation, terrorism may be 30% good but it is 70% bad, let us do all we can to stop violence in our generation. Time to park my pen, GOD bless.



  1. katigbak,karla elaine Said:

    I agree with what you have said that humans are born not that good nor not that bad but after reading your article, I can’t understand why terrorism which brings violence and terror to the people is also for the common good? If there is a problem regarding injustice, inequalities and suffering then I might say that mistakes cannot be correct by the other mistake.

  2. Irene Santos Said:

    What if the terrorism is false flag? I could bomb whole PUP and say that it is in the interest of the common good to not go to school or for the government to rebuild the school.. Most terroristic acts I personally believe are just decoy for geopolitical interests.

  3. thespearhead Said:

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