Josephine Lucero      

My ideal leader might not be a perfect leader for you. A leader for me must be someone who acts for the good of his/her people.

      He/she must possess these 3 important characteristics of my ideal leader:

  1. Principled

      Man with principle that will firmly be on side of truth and justice. He/she must not be influenced and controlled with those abusers and selfish government officials. And will serve in accordance of righteousness and will able to lead without any touch of selfishness.

  1. Responsible

A work committed leader.

  1. Versatile

Being versatile is not only in about field flexibility but also about establishing openness with different views whether it is good or bad. Knowing even a little bit on different matters, fields, issues, etc. will be a big help for someone aspiring to be a good leader to easily acquire credibility and authority.

      And simply a leader that will act and lead in accordance of justice and truth and be dedicated to work hard for the good of many.

      A leader is someone that empowers those working for him to make their own decisions. A leader is someone who gives clear, direct orders, a take charge person that commands his employees.

      But above all, there’s no such an ideal leader in this world. But I still believe that to be an ideal leader he must first know himself and understand the basic things about humanity.


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