Ten I’s to be a Good Leader

Ten I’s to be a Good Leader

Melanie Aldeon

               1. Intelligence – not necessarily highly intelligible but knowledge or skills a liitle more than others to be credible, confident that you have good foundation

               2. Internal confidence and self-knowledge

               3. Intestinal Fortitude – “guts” to do it, crusading spirit

               4. Initiative – take the first step to move

               5. Intensity – put your effort to do things even if it is hardwork

               6. Integrity – honesty

               7. Interpersonal relations – with other people and with other organization, can improve discipline without causing irrational misguiding

               8. Identification – ability in terms of analyzing the data, situations by using evidence to support it

               9. Implementation – ability to perform as planned

               10. Influence and inspiration – means of innovation

                Some Qualities of a Good Leader

  • with compassion to all creatures
  • with material simplicity or frugality
  • with sense of equality and modesty
  • practices synergism
  • leads based on principle
  • with sense of cooperation
  • with sufficient patient
  • with great moral character
  • bright and talented
  • truthful
  • respectable
  • active and with guts
  • defend the truth
  • sensitive to the problems of the people
  • with decision making ability
  • industrious and obedient
  • with sense of fellowship and can show good example
  • knows how to explain
  • practicing what he teaches
  • with palabra de honor
  • can go along with people
  • with own principle
  • with proper attitude
  • can manage well and trustworthy
  • a Just person With conviction 

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