Analen Sanchez

(My Ideal Leader)

  • Flexible- Knows how to adopt in particular changes that may arise, one who can cope with the new environment and can make decisions without causing a big disadvantage.
  • Wise/Intelligent- Can come up with good decisions.
  • Principled- One who fights for his ideologies and principles whatever happens and no one can easily influenced or changed his mind.
  • Honest- One that will not tell lies…even the white lies to achieve the trust of his people because honesty is “one of the best policies”.
  • Versatile- Has enough knowledge in different areas of expertise so that he can easily solved problems that may arise.
  • Responsible- Do all the tasks he should accomplish…do other works even if it is not already within the area of his duties.
  • Hardworking- Be determined to do all his best to finish his works.
  • Optimistic- Even in times of problems, he will not loose hope and still will think of all the positive things.
  • Humble- Though he reach the highest peak of achievements he never forget to get in touch with his people and to those who helped him to achieve it.
  • Fair- Will not use his power to protect his own interest but the common interest and implements to all the law equally.
  • Open-minded- Accepts other ideas from his constituents.
  • Approachable- Easily to share your ideas, one who is easy to lean on especially in times of your downs.

Superleader should:

    • Have best vision he could have, because a leader without a vision is a traitor.
    • Know how to accept his faults and accepts opinions and advices of others.
    • Knows how to respect the differences and capabilities of his constituents.

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