Qualities of a Leader

Qualities of a Leader

Shenelyn Dela Cruz

          People always think or dream on a perfect leader which is really hard to find nowadays,… Someone who can fit yoou qualifications. someone who can lead,to govern, to facilitate,, doing this things, seems like you are playing a hide and seek,, meaning, find and discover that person that can fit, to your qualifications…

            Below are the qualifications of a leader  that I want to see on a leader that representing its group as a whole.

*Good Listener

        to be able to follow on a instruction, you must know how to listen, from listening you can easily cope up on the things around you and can help you to fcilitate your group, and make it dynamic…

*Someone who can give quality time to its colleagues

        having quality time with the members and the leader of a group, producing a bonding which is one of the things that  leadermust possess, to create good ambiance and relationship within the group.

*Ability to understand the situation of its members or constituents

        a leader for somehow, must have some kind of having a talent by knowin ghow to descern the situations of its members.. through this qualification, the group will be possibley achieve its goal.

*Positive thinker

        whenever the group ison trial a lesder must be a positive thinker. he is the one who will make an atmosphere of hope to continue to fight and strive for it.


        leader should be patient for his group specially if ita abt. for the growth of its group.


        if a leader have fear onour Almighty God he’ll be devoted on his job to do it well and make the best out of it,,,..   


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