Is there an Ideal Leader?

Is there an Ideal Leader?

Dana Evangelista 

Leader… Hmmmp… sounds really ideal isn’t it?

Someone who sees others needs before himself, someone who goes out and helpothers neglecting his own interest, someone who respect his family,his society as well as himself,

SOMEONE WHO HAS GOOD PERCEPTION TOWARDS LIFE. He must be optimistic. He must find reason to smile each day because a leader who sees by his subordinates who seem so hopeless and helpless will more likely to have a miserable followers  

A leader needs not to be called rather volunteers.

A leader will let go of his positionfor the people not to be divided.

And lastly a leader has fear of committing sins because first and foremost there are a lot of eyes watching him.

If there’s a person acquiring all of these traits,  then we should find him now. We need him as soon as possible.


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