Qualities of a good leader

 Qualities of a good leader
Lea Baluyot

Intelligent – a leader should possess this characteristic in order to avoid him to be fooled by others.

Responsible– There’s no essence if the leader is intelligent but his not responsible. He must know whatever the consequences may arise in every decision he will make.

Hardworking– a leader must has an initiative in order him to be followed.

Humble– Still his feet is on the ground in order the people thinks that their leader is still easy to reach when there are encountered some problems.

Determined– the must determined whatever he is doing so that he can solve right away whatever the problem may arise.

Principled– He must has a strong belief in his own ideology.

Optimistic– Being a positive thinker will take a good result whatever he may encounter problems.

Honest– so that he can win the trust of his people.

Versatile-so he can easily adapt in a certain unplanned situation.

Fair– a good leader should be in order to become a good example to his people.


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