February 1, 2007 : Thursday 


Khemle Jane Visca
Corruption is generally the common dilemma in the government. No government official could claim that he is not a corruptor. In a great sense of the word, corruption is still considered as corruption though small or big amount of money from the government had been illegally misused or taken by an official for his gain.

Corruption results to bribery, graft, nepotism and so on and so forth. Former president Ferdinand Marcos had been thrown out to office because of the people’s clamor against him being the corrupt president and in which he, together with his families and cronies took the nation’s wealth. Also former president Joseph (Erap) Estrada had been charged of corruption and plunder and been out of the office.

Kleptocracy is the final or end point of corruption. In this, you tend to get more and more when you also gain more. Corruption really affects the political and economical status of the country. Corruption destroys citizens’ trust to the government as well as the fairness of the justice. It also creates inconsiderable inefficiency in the economy of the country.

Corruption can’t be erased to the system of the government; not now, not tomorrow, not someday but never.


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