January 30, 2007 : Tuesday 

Joy Marie Limbo
          Why do people are afraid whenever they heard the word “Terrorism”. The terrorism was first used in France to describe a new system of government adopted during French revolution. It was just intended to promote democracy and popular rule by ridding the revolution of its enemies and thereby purifying it. Then, the oppression and violent excesses transformed it into a feared instrument of the state and that time on, terrorism has had a negative connotation. It assumed that “terrorism” an antigovernment association it has today.
        In our world today we can say that there are terrorist whenever there are murders, kidnappings, bombings and arson. These acts can be defined as crimes both national and international. It affects innocent civilian. Wrong perception brought to us that Muslims and citizens from Middle East are so-called “Terrorist” because they build their image as the anti- American government and fight their rights from American invasion with the use of their power. It’s just so happen that they have strong nationalism that they can fight for their own rights but the negative result to it is many innocent people suffer from dying and traumas created by these terrorist. That is the reason why do many people were afraid whenever they heard the word “terrorism”. Terrorism has occurred throughout history for a variety of reasons. It causes can be historical, cultural, political, social, psychological, economic, or religious- or any combination of these.


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