5 Ways to Seek Truth

5 Ways to Seek Truth

Ralph Julious Villamor
1. Ask, the world has more to share,

than all your head can bear.

He who knows when to spare,

sees the truth when others find it rare.
2. Doubt, when everything you do seems to fall,

some reasons may not be your fault at all.

Not all that shines are as pure as gold,

Truth is a secret unblunt and not bold.
3. Think, wrong answers are like tangled knots,

the rope that binds truth loosens with clever buts.

When a fearsome predator wants a prey,

he sort things out and not just pray.
4. Deny, answers we find within are undoubtedly credible,

we still believe its true, though some are unimaginable.

Mirrors too are confused with the truth they take,

When faced to it-self, who’s real and who’s fake?
5. Tolerate, some truth in the world are meant to be hidden,

for men to seek, strive and always be driven.

Even oaks grow old and sturdy innocent of the eternal truths,

Yet they still give us shelter and bear us fruits.


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