the power of an autograph…..

the power of an autograph…..

Raymund Babaran

January 21, 2007 : Sunday

the long but not awaited day has come, as Mrs. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo now signed the anti- terrorism bill or the republic act no. 9372 or the HUMAN SECURITY ACT (HSA) of 2007 to purge and then kill the terrorims’ doing here in the philippines.

the implementation of this law will be two months after the May 14 election. it is automatically suspended one month before ond two months after every elections.

according to the new and fresh law, the terrorism is a crime that is punishable with a maximum prison term of 40 years. and terror defines as an act of sowing and creating a condition of widespread and extraordinary fear and panic among the populace, in order to coerce the gov’t to give in to an unlawful demands.

the original senate bill listed specific crimes considered as terrorism. the final measures cited violations of 12 provisions of the revised penal code, including piracy, mutiny, rebellion or insurrection, coups, murder,kidnapping, destruction of property or arson, use of toxic substances, and others as an act of terror.

in addition, this law allows the detention of suspects for 3 days without charges, wiretapping of communications of terror suspects, and monitoring of bank accounts. it also provides the outlawing of groups suspected of plotting terrorism.

as the definition of the HSA,it will havve a big impact to the side of the militants for the reason that they are the one who are clamouring for the demand on the gov’t for the good of the people just like a demand for the wage increase, oust gloria, and many more others,but now that the HSA is signed it will be harder for them to take all thier demands because they maybe arrested without any wrong doings they only want the good of others and the good of themselves.and also it has a big impact to the side of every filipino who are only suspected.the people in the gov’t may use this law in order to stop the hinaing of the filipino sa lahat ng mga policies which is anti people.and also this law will deprive the life, property and liberty of each of the filipino because of the arrest without any charge and without any due process….//////


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