Star Struck Elections

January 9, 2007 : Tuesday 

Star Struck Elections

Clarisse San Felipe

Never have they been more prominent in politics than now – actors, broadcasters, and sportsmen seeking public office. We have many celebrity candidates vying for different elected positions. Though this is not the first time that personalities from show business have started crossing over to the world of politics, it is in this year’s election that we see an unprecedented rise in the number of celebrities turning politicians.

People tend to look down on celebrities-turned-politicians. The most pointed criticism hurled is that they have nothing to offer aside from looks and charm. Ideally, the Comelec should be responsible for facilitating voter’s education on the candidates and their programs. But as things stand now, that’s wishful thinking!


Public image counts a lot in the election and the media are instrumental in making or unmaking a candidate. Today, in the hope that the popularity of showbiz stars could rub off on them, some politicians even marry actors/actresses. Celebrity politicians will have better chances of name recall compared to their non-celebrity rivals. However, showbiz candidates better be reminded that popularity will not be enough because people are also wary of an “Erap Part 2”.


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