Political Killings

January 16, 2007 : Tuesday

Kristine Joie L. Salazar

Political Killings

Political killing is very crucial nowadays. As of yesterday, 836 people on different strata were killed because of different reasons, based on the survey of KARAPATAN. Some of these were journalists, civilians, farmers, activists, etc. this scenario is a clear explanation that our political system today is not stable.We could probably ask, what are the possible reasons why these things are happening? In my assumption, many of the victims were activists. Those who considered as rebel by the people… and by the government. These people believes that the person or the group behind this is the government and the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) who are supposed to protect them. But as always, the government and the AFP denies the accusation.

Personally, I know of an activist who tried to experience the lifestyle of our fellow citizen who lived away from civilization. Yet, she was not able to pursue her mission with these people for she was found dead by the hands of the military as what the ‘rebels’ are claiming, and without the knowledge of her family.

We should understand that not all people have the same ideology. We cannot blame them because it is their choice to go on with this instinct.


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  1. Irene santos Said:

    Much has to be done to this problem.. it has become systemic, inherent in our social and political structure..

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