Political Change: Creative Destruction

January 15, 2007 : monday

Political Change:  Creative Destruction

Ma. Irene Santos


     I was deeply moved by an ad by HSBC on the Economist Magazine.  It features alternating piectures of a tree branch and an infrastructure.  This ad suddeny flashed in my mind the concept of creative destruction.  One might askahow can you qualify destruction as something creative.  It is in my belief that everything we see from the most valued to the least is a living proof of this concept.  Furthermore, going beyond things “creative destruction” before it happens physically (actual destruction – which can exist in many forms) originate from the mind.  Again, another question what the heck is the connection of creative destruction to politics? 

     People may not be consciously aware but as I had said everything can be  a living proof of creative destruction.  Let me cite some U.S secretary of State Condoleeza Rice said Iraq would be the price we have to pay in order to have peace, anarchist will calmor to abolish government so that several elements in the society will exis hamonioulsy.  And last even god had to destroy the Earth before anew life can begin. 

     All of these are in the assumption that at the end of the day  all would be well and good or creative.  After paying the price all in  the premise that something must be sacrificed even lives for an assurance of something better.  The price of thousands of American soldiers Bush paid, Mao had paid, and lastly, we don’t know for sure if God Will ever pay a price. 

     All these can be put into proper political perspective of political cahnge.  Change is associated with destruction though it has a negative connotation.  One can anser can we really draft a policy for change without destruction?   What could be the calculated risk(price we have to pay) for a better political system?  We have to read beyond the lines for this article may advocate for a swift violent revolution or  maybe an evolutionary one whatever it may it should be done for something creative. 


    Read Michel Chossudovsky’s article on Global Research it has many insights about a possible nuclear holocaust with US, China and Russia being involved.  Details of US Military planning in “Theater Iran Near Term” provided as support. 


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