Pen + Press = Power

Pen + Press = Power

 Rhea Rizza Fajardo

January 25, 2007 : Thursday

Where was it I read that the easiest thing about writing is the WRITING? It’s the figuring that makes the writing difficult. Oh how true. We all know that there are scribes and there are writers. A scribe is one who inscribes characters which when put together represents other people’s thought with nothing of his/her own poured into it. The writer is a capsulized poet, politician, philosopher, and artist who happens to know how to write.

Writing done for ones own consumption, is just that, a means to record one’s activities and observations but when writing goes into print and is read by millions of people, then it assumes new meaning. With it comes a responsibility to be exhaustive and fair, because the writer is now in a position to influence other people to  his/her way of thinking.

The press enables the writer to explode, slide or creep into people’s consciousness. The writer becomes a family friend, crony or adversary. He/she becomes intimate with so many people at one given time. With this intimacy comes power, the power to become judge and arbiter, to analyze, dissect and synthesize whatever is going on that affects humanity.

The press wields a power potent enough to dislodge government’s administrations, or public figures in the form of exposes or scandal. But on the other hand, press has the most awesome power which nothing sort of divine intervention can stop. It serves as the society’s knight in shining armor to unearth hidden facts.

To make things simpler, it was like what the superhero have said, “With great power comes with great responsibility.”


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