Our Cavaliers’ Rusting Armors

Our Cavaliers Rusting Armors

Kris John Sunga

January 22, 2007 : Monday

Our duly constituted knights in shining armor, the Armed Forces of the Philipppines, has been performing poorly for sometimes now. First, the inclusion of the military in the Melo report: extrajudicail killing of activists, students and even journalists who happen to be fair critics of the governmant. And now their foolish move of issuing warrants of arrest against some leftist leaders.

     We all know that under GMA’s administration the military is pampered well; allocation of bigger budgets, great words of regards and other things that made the military the most functioning and efficient body in our government system.

     But all of these should not make them pledge sole loyalty to the government. Remember that our 1987 Constitution clearly states that civilian authority is at all times supreme over the military that the AFP is the protector of the people and the state. Therefore the military should also share his loyalty to the people of the republic and think wisely in taking commands.

     It’s funny that the military, in pursuit of protecting the citezens and the state, now purge those who are accuse of a 22-year old mass murder but reamians silent and doing nothing in the current issues of extrajudicial killings wherein their own reputations are at risk.

     Our knights should really think and take careful steps before their once shining armors completely rust.


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