Lights… Camera…Action!: Media Behind Politics

January 11, 2007 : Thursday 

Lights… Camera…Action!: Media Behind Politics

Bridgette Servino

          Media… The galvanization of public opinion, usually through the newspaper, radio, television and other forms of mass media.

          Media… One of the powerful tools that influences on how politics should be.This is also one that actually defines the politics existing.

          Media… That serves as the eye and the ear of the public that informs them on what is happening. It is the responsible for the social awareness of the people on public matters that they should concern about.

          But, is there such thing as responsible media? Does media really fair?

          In our everyday life, we are much expose of most of these mass media like newspapers, radio and most especially, television that according to some, makes their daily life complete, Mass media influences public a lot on what they should say about something, on how they should act, or on what should be their perception a certain matter. Whether we like it or not,, media plays a big role in our decision-making.

          That is why, media is being used to manipulate people’s mind. Since politics is about power and powerful, influence and the influential and rulers and the ruled, mass media would be the most effective means to acquire power, authority and influence on the people.

          Reality bites… All of these mass media p[promotes the political interests of those who own them, who pay them and who use them. Believe it or not, that’s the real name of the game.

          In this thing, it is really hard to change the system of the media as of now. Instead of blaming them, we should be the one responsible on what we hear and see.It actually depends on us if we allow these powerful people to use media to manipulate our minds. Try to ask, wonder and realize the things that we should care about. 


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