January 14, 2007 : Sunday
GOD AND POLITICS                

 Shenelyn Dela Cruz

 For somehow it’s reeally hard to reelate God in politics. When we say the word God relating in politics the first thing that will come up in my mind is that there should be a fair playing in all aspects of the politics.God is eeswcribed inthe bibleas a just, loving, righteous, compassionate and many more. Meanoing when we are with God or when God and politics relate to each otyher people whose in tyhe field of politics should be with the same characteristidcs that God has.

                There are times when we are going to ask people what is their opinion oor thought about politics? they are always saying politics is dirty, or in some point someone choose to say a badword to describe politics.On the divinr right theory, it is a thory wherin government was established by God. Since politicians  who work on or for polititcs and serve for the government should know who really god is. some politicians just only using God for their carrer purpose. they make their ame smell good through Godand after doing it then go back towho really they are. It only seems that God doesn’thave a room in politics. We alll know politics is a part of every filip-ino life. without this so called poilitics, there will be another way around of how people will compete because of power, fame money and a lot more. Because of this things people in poltics satarts to neglect God,they are not giving space for God’s room . some policians also represents a religious group to have sure sympathy from its member during election period. if they have God i politics ,Politics is easy an easy thin to do. If thy just only make a room for God in politics  there will be no more truoble  within the field of politics. whnever there are such problemsthe constituents of the politicians or definitely the whole country, when it comes into naitonal will be the one  who will suffer.Some p-olticians only thinks thye can get from politics, the power fame and all that stuff. 


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  1. Irene Said:

    God is too omnipotent and too omniscient. I just think that when we are confronted with a very difficult situation for example trying to save f the Philippines from a nuclear attack can we just hope and pray??

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